June 2024
Simple object lookup in TypeScript JavaScript
May 2024
Search GitHub issues by title, only GitHub
March 2024
How do you thousands-comma AND whitespace format a f-string in Python 1 comment Python
Leibniz formula for π in Python, JavaScript, and Ruby Python, JavaScript
Notes on porting a Next.js v14 app from Pages to App Router React, JavaScript
February 2024
How to avoid a count query in Django if you can 1 comment Django, Python
How to restore all unstaged files in with git 1 comment GitHub, MacOSX, Linux
January 2024
How slow is Node to Brotli decompress a file compared to not having to decompress? 3 comments Node, MacOSX, Linux
December 2023
Search hidden directories with ripgrep, by default MacOSX, Linux
fnm is much faster than nvm. 1 comment Node, MacOSX
October 2023
Comparing different efforts with WebP in Sharp Node, JavaScript
Zipping files is appending by default - Watch out! Linux
Introducing hylite - a Node code-syntax-to-HTML highlighter written in Bun Node, Bun, JavaScript
September 2023
Shallow clone vs. deep clone, in Node, with benchmark Node, JavaScript
Pip-Outdated.py with interactive upgrade Python
Parse a CSV file with Bun Bun
Hello-world server in Bun vs Fastify 4 comments Node, JavaScript, Bun
August 2023
ts-node vs. esrun vs. esno vs. bun Node, JavaScript
July 2023
Switching from Next.js to Vite + wouter React, Node, JavaScript
Benchmark comparison of Elasticsearch highlighters Elasticsearch
May 2023
How I used Parcel to "manually" bundle CSS files in a Remix app JavaScript
Be careful with Date.toLocaleDateString() in JavaScript 4 comments Node, MacOSX, JavaScript
April 2023
How to run a GitHub Action workflow step if a file exists 2 comments GitHub
Automatically 'npm install' Node, JavaScript
February 2023
Benchmarking npm install with or without audit 1 comment Node, JavaScript
How to intercept and react to non-zero exits in bash 2 comments Bash, GitHub
January 2023
The technology behind You Should Watch You Should Watch, React, Firebase, JavaScript
Announcing: You Should Watch 3 comments You Should Watch
First impressions of Meilisearch and how it compares to Elasticsearch 1 comment Elasticsearch
December 2022
Pip-Outdated.py - a script to compare requirements.in with the output of pip list --outdated Python
How to change the current query string URL in NextJS v13 with next/navigation 4 comments React, JavaScript
How much faster is Cheerio at parsing depending on xmlMode? Node, JavaScript
November 2022
Programmatically control the matrix in a GitHub Action workflow GitHub
First impressions trying out Rome to format/lint my TypeScript and JavaScript 1 comment Node, JavaScript
October 2022
How to count the most common lines in a file Bash, MacOSX, Linux
September 2022
Find the largest node_modules directories with bash Bash, MacOSX, Linux
Spot the JavaScript bug with recursion and incrementing JavaScript
Create a large empty file for testing Linux
Programmatically render a NextJS page without a server in Node Web development, Node, JavaScript
August 2022
Join a list with a bitwise or operator in Python Python
July 2022
Comparing compression commands with hyperfine Bash, MacOSX, Linux
May 2022
How to know if a PR has auto-merge enabled in a GitHub Action workflow GitHub
Auto-merge GitHub pull requests based on "partial required checks" GitHub
April 2022
How to sort case insensitively with empty strings last in Django 1 comment Django, Python, PostgreSQL
March 2022
How to close a HTTP GET request in Python before the end Python
Introducing docsQL Web development, GitHub, JavaScript
February 2022
Preemptive grocery shopping list item suggestions That's Groce!
Tips and tricks to make you a GitHub Actions power-user GitHub
Make your NextJS site 10-100x faster with Express caching React, Node, Nginx, JavaScript
Command-Enter to submit a form when focus is inside textarea with React (TypeScript) 1 comment React
December 2021
My site's now NextJS - And I (almost) regret it already 8 comments React, Django, Node, JavaScript
Sort a JavaScript array by some boolean operation 2 comments JavaScript
Brotli compression quality comparison in the real world 2 comments Node, JavaScript
October 2021
How to string pad a string in Python with a variable 1 comment Python
September 2021
How to bulk-insert Firestore documents in a Firebase Cloud function 1 comment Node, Firebase, JavaScript
I'm a GitHubber now 1 comment Work, GitHub
TypeScript generic async function wrapper function JavaScript
From photo of ingredients, to your shopping list Web development, That's Groce!, Firebase
TypeScript function keyword arguments like Python Python, JavaScript
How to use letsencrypt-acme-challenge.conf in Nginx 1 comment Nginx
How I upload Firebase images optimized JavaScript, Web development, Firebase
August 2021
10 years a Mozillian, always a Mozillian 2 comments Web development, Mozilla, MDN
How to fadeIn and fadeOut like jQuery but with Cash JavaScript
Shut the door! How to automate getting the kids to close the door Family
How to submit a form with Playwright JavaScript
July 2021
How to install Python Poetry in GitHub Actions in MUCH faster way Python
June 2021
An effective and immutable way to turn two Python lists into one 7 comments Python
How to get all of MDN Web Docs running locally 1 comment Web development, MDN
May 2021
The correct way to index data into Elasticsearch with (Python) elasticsearch-dsl Python, MDN, Elasticsearch
What English stop words overlap with JavaScript reserved keywords? 2 comments JavaScript, MDN
April 2021
My contribution to 2021 Earth Day: optimizing some bad favicons on MDN Web Docs Web development, MDN
March 2021
How to simulate slow lazy chunk-loading in React React, JavaScript
Umlauts (non-ascii characters) with git on macOS Python, MacOSX
In JavaScript (Node) which is fastest, generator function or a big array function? Node, JavaScript
February 2021
How MDN's site-search works 3 comments Web development, Django, Python, MDN, Elasticsearch
What's lighter than ExpressJS? Node, JavaScript
The best and simplest way to parse an RSS feed in Node Node, JavaScript
Sneaky block-scoping variables in JavaScript that eslint can't even detect JavaScript
useSearchParams as a React global state manager React, JavaScript
January 2021
Fastest way to turn HTML into text in Python 3 comments Python
December 2020
Gcm - git checkout master or main 1 comment Python
sharp vs. jimp - Node libraries to make thumbnail images 3 comments Node, JavaScript, Firebase
downloadAndResize - Firebase Cloud Function to serve thumbnails Web development, That's Groce!, Node, JavaScript
November 2020
Default food shopping items isn't for everyone That's Groce!
Popularity contest for your grocery list Web development, Mobile, That's Groce!
October 2020
Generating random avatar images in Django/Python 1 comment Web development, Django, Python
That's Groce! Web development, Mobile, Preact, That's Groce!, Firebase
September 2020
Progressive CSS rendering with or without data URLs Web development, Web Performance, JavaScript
Quick comparison between sass and node-sass 2 comments Node, JavaScript
Lazy-load Firebase Firestore and Firebase Authentication in Preact Web development, Web Performance, JavaScript, Preact
August 2020
<datalist> looks great on mobile devices Web development, Mobile
July 2020
Test if two URLs are "equal" in JavaScript 2 comments JavaScript
June 2020
findMatchesInText - Find line and column of matches in a text, in JavaScript Node, JavaScript
hashin 0.15.0 now copes nicely with under_scores Python
./bin/huey-isnt-running.sh - A bash script to prevent lurking ghosts Python, Linux, Bash
May 2020
Check your email addresses in Python, as a whole Python, MDN
Benchmark compare Highlight.js vs. Prism Node, JavaScript
Throw JavaScript errors with extra information Node, JavaScript
April 2020
How to use minimalcss without a server Web development, Node, JavaScript
How post JSON with curl to an Express app 2 comments Node, JavaScript
How I added brotli_static to nginx 1.17 in Ubuntu (Eoan Ermine) 19.10 Nginx, Linux
How to install Node 12 on Ubuntu (Eoan Ermine) 19.10 Node, Linux
February 2020
Build pyenv Python versions on macOS Catalina 10.15 9 comments Python, MacOSX
redirect-chain - Getting a comfortable insight input URL redirects history Python
How to resolve a git conflict in poetry.lock 8 comments Python
"ld: library not found for -lssl" trying to install mysqlclient in Python on macOS 1 comment Python, MacOSX
Performance of truth checking a JavaScript object Node, JavaScript
January 2020
How to pad/fill a string by a variable in Python using f-strings 9 comments Python
JavaScript destructuring like Python kwargs with defaults 1 comment Python, JavaScript
How depend on a local Node package without npmjs.com JavaScript
How to have default/initial values in a Django form that is bound and rendered 11 comments Web development, Django, Python
How to split a block of HTML with Cheerio in NodeJS 2 comments Node, JavaScript
December 2019
A Python and Preact app deployed on Heroku 2 comments Web development, Django, Python, Docker, JavaScript
November 2019
MDN Documents Size Tree Map MDN, Web development
October 2019
Avoid async when all you have is (SSD) disk I/O in NodeJS 1 comment Node, JavaScript
September 2019
Update to speed comparison for Redis vs PostgreSQL storing blobs of JSON 2 comments Redis, Nginx, Web Performance, Python, Django, PostgreSQL
How much faster is Redis at storing a blob of JSON compared to PostgreSQL? 65 comments Python, PostgreSQL, Redis
uwsgi weirdness with --http 2 comments Python, Linux
Fastest Python function to slugify a string 4 comments Python
August 2019
NodeJS fs walk() or glob or fast-glob 3 comments JavaScript
Train your own spell corrector with TextBlob Python
function expandFiles(directoriesPatternsOrFiles) JavaScript
July 2019
A React vs. Preact case study for a widget Web development, React, Web Performance, JavaScript
Find out all localStorage keys and their value sizes Web development, JavaScript
SongSearch autocomplete rate now 2+ per second Django, Python, Nginx, Redis
June 2019
From jQuery to Cash 4 comments Web development, JavaScript
Build an XML sitemap of XML sitemaps Django, Python
Generate a random IP address in Python Django, Python
May 2019
How I simulate a CDN with Nginx 1 comment Python, Nginx
WebSockets vs. XHR 2019 Web development, Web Performance, JavaScript
April 2019
KeyCDN vs AWS CloudFront 3 comments Web development, Web Performance
I think I might put my whole site behind a CDN Web development, Nginx, Web Performance
Whatsdeployed rewritten in React Web development, Python, React, JavaScript
KeyCDN vs. DigitalOcean Nginx Web development, Nginx, Web Performance
Optimize inlined SVG on developer.mozilla.org Web development, Web Performance
March 2019
Best way to count distinct indexed things in PostgreSQL 3 comments Django, PostgreSQL
Format numbers with numberWithCommas() or Number.toLocaleString() 1 comment Web development, JavaScript
February 2019
Django ORM optimization story on selecting the least possible 16 comments Web development, Django, Python, PostgreSQL
Experimenting with Nginx worker_processes Web development, Nginx, MacOSX, Linux
create-react-app, SCSS, and Bulmaswatch 2 comments Web development, React, JavaScript
Optimize DOM selector lookups by pre-warming by selectors' parents Web development, Node, Web Performance, JavaScript
Hooks tip! Avoid infinite recursion in React.useEffect() 1 comment React, JavaScript
Displaying fetch() errors and unwanted responses in React Web development, React, JavaScript
Format thousands in Python 9 comments Python
January 2019
hashin 0.14.5 and canonical pip hashes Python
How to encrypt a file with Emacs on macOS (ccrypt) MacOSX, Linux
variable_cache_control - Django view decorator to set max_age in runtime Django, Python
An example of using Immer to handle nested objects in React state 1 comment React, JavaScript
Use vars() to send an argparse Namespace into a function in Python 1 comment Python
Number.prototype.toString() is incredibly useful to display numbers JavaScript
December 2018
Concurrent download with hashin without --update-all Web development, Python
elapsed function in bash to print how long things take MacOSX, Linux
How I performance test PostgreSQL locally on macOS 2 comments Web development, MacOSX, PostgreSQL
November 2018
hashin 0.14.0 with --update-all and a bunch of other features Python, Linux
How to JSON schema validate 10x (or 100x) faster in Python 9 comments Python
React.memo instead of React.PureComponent JavaScript, React
October 2018
React 16.6 with Suspense and lazy loading components with react-router-dom 7 comments Web development, JavaScript, React
How much HTML is too much for optimal web performance 4 comments Web development, Web Performance
Switching from AWS S3 (boto3) to Google Cloud Storage (google-cloud-storage) in Python 1 comment Python
Fancy linkifying of text with Bleach and domain checks (with Python) 2 comments Python, Web development
The ideal number of workers in Jest Python, React
Inline scripts in create-react-app 2.0 and CSP hashes Web development, JavaScript, React
An awesome snippet to web performance test a page programmatically Web development, JavaScript, Web Performance
September 2018
Comparing KeyCDN and DigitalOcean's new Spaces CDN 2 comments Web development
Merge two arrays without duplicates in JavaScript JavaScript
A darn good search filter function in JavaScript 8 comments Web development, JavaScript
August 2018
Replace an item in an array, by number, without mutation in JavaScript (ES6) 1 comment JavaScript
django-pipeline and Zopfli Python, Web development, Django
Django lock decorator with django-redis 4 comments Python, Web development, Django, Redis
django-html-validator now supports Django 2.x Python, Web development, Django
Quick dog-piling (aka stampeding herd) URL stresstest Python
HTMLMinifier in use on this blog now 3 comments Web development, JavaScript, Web Performance
June 2018
To defer or to async JavaScript tags. That's the question. Web development, JavaScript, Web Performance
A good Django view function cache decorator for http.JsonResponse Python, Web development, Django
The best grep tool in the world; ripgrep 3 comments Linux, Web development, MacOSX
How to unset aliases set by Oh My Zsh 4 comments Linux, MacOSX
How to NOT start two servers on the same port 2 comments Linux, Web development
GeneratorExit - How to clean up after the last yield in Python 7 comments Python
May 2018
Writing a custom Datadog reporter using the Python API 2 comments Python
To CDN assets or just HTTP/2 3 comments Web development, JavaScript, Web Performance
Rust > Go > Python ...to parse millions of dates in CSV files 10 comments Python
Webpack Bundle Analyzer for create-react-app JavaScript, React
Always return namespaces in Django REST Framework 1 comment Python, Django
How I found out where a bash alias was set up Linux
Real minimal example of going from setState to MobX JavaScript, React
gtop is best Linux, MacOSX, JavaScript
Fastest Python datetime parser Python
April 2018
The impressive first-meaningful-paint improvement of using minimalcss 3 comments Web development, JavaScript
Best EXPLAIN ANALYZE benchmark script Python, PostgreSQL
Efficient many-to-many field lookup in Django REST Framework 1 comment Python, Django, PostgreSQL
March 2018
hashin 0.12.0 is much much faster Python
Worlds simplest web scraper bot in Python 1 comment Python
filterToQueryString - JavaScript function to turn current filter into a query string 1 comment Web development, JavaScript, React
Now using minimalcss Python, Web development, JavaScript, Node
Docker gotcha with building a Dockerfile in sub directory 1 comment Docker
How to throttle AND debounce an autocomplete input in React 18 comments Web development, JavaScript, React
February 2018
csso and django-pipeline Python, Django, JavaScript
Items function in JavaScript for looping over dictionaries like Python 1 comment JavaScript, React
Run something forever in bash until you want to stop it 6 comments Linux
Be very careful with your add_header in Nginx! You might make your site insecure 17 comments Linux, Web development, Nginx
Show size of every PostgreSQL database you have PostgreSQL
Component, component function or plain function in React 1 comment React
Convert web page to PDF, nicely Misc. links, Web development
January 2018
Fastest way to unzip a zip file in Python 15 comments Python
Make .local domains NOT slow in macOS 19 comments Linux, MacOSX
Even more aggressively trying to preload your next page load 2 comments Web development, JavaScript
minimalcss 0.6.2 now strips all unused font faces Web development, JavaScript, Node
Conditional aggregation in Django 2.0 4 comments Python, Django, PostgreSQL
When Docker is too slow, use your host 3 comments Web development, Django, MacOSX, Docker
Understanding Redis hash-max-ziplist-entries 1 comment Python, Redis
Display current React version 1 comment JavaScript, React
Whatsdeployed facelift Python, Web development, Mozilla, Docker
How to rotate a video on OSX with ffmpeg 5 comments Linux, MacOSX
December 2017
Fastest way to uniquify a list in Python >=3.6 7 comments Python
CSS selector simplifier regular expression in JavaScript Web development, JavaScript
Msgpack vs JSON (with gzip) 14 comments Python, Web development
Another win for Tracking Protection in Firefox Web development, Mozilla
How's My WiFi? 2 comments MacOSX, JavaScript, Node
Really simple Django view function timer decorator 2 comments Python, Django
Synonyms with elasticsearch-dsl Python, Web development, PostgreSQL
November 2017
Unzip benchmark on AWS EC2 c3.large vs c4.large 18 comments Python, Linux, Mozilla, Go
How to create-react-app with Docker 31 comments Linux, Web development, JavaScript, React, Docker
Yet another Docker 'A ha!' moment 2 comments MacOSX, Docker
How to use django-cache-memoize Python, Django
To enable Tracking Protection for performance Web development, Mozilla
October 2017
django-cache-memoize 3 comments Python, Django
Concurrent Gzip in Python 11 comments Python, Linux, Docker
Simple or fancy UPSERT in PostgreSQL with Django 7 comments Python, Web development, Django, PostgreSQL
"No space left on device" on OSX Docker 13 comments Web development, MacOSX, Docker
September 2017
cache_memoize - a pretty decent cache decorator for Django 4 comments Python, Web development, Django
Mozilla Symbol Server (aka. Tecken) load testing Python, Web development, Django, Mozilla
A neat trick to zip a git repo with a version number 4 comments Linux, Web development
Ultrafast loading of CSS 3 comments Web development, JavaScript
August 2017
Fastest way to match a filename's extension in Python 4 comments Python
React lifecycle hooks must-have 1 comment Web development, JavaScript, React
Fastest *local* cache backend possible for Django 11 comments Python, Web development, Django
July 2017
Find static files defined in django-pipeline but not found Python, Django
Why I'm ditching AdBuff on Songsear.ch Web development
Best YouTube Chefs of 2017 5 comments Misc. links
June 2017
How to do performance micro benchmarks in Python 7 comments Python
Fastest way to find out if a file exists in S3 (with boto3) 9 comments Python, Web development
Why didn't I know about machma?! Linux, MacOSX, Go
May 2017
Experimenting with Guetzli Linux, Web development, MacOSX
Fastest Redis configuration for Django 1 comment Python, Linux, Web development, Django
April 2017
Web Console trick to get all URLs into your clipboard Web development, JavaScript
Best practice with retries with requests 69 comments Python
Public Class Fields saves sooo many keystrokes in React code 1 comment JavaScript, React
A decent Elasticsearch search engine implementation Python, Web development, Django
Fastest cache backend possible for Django 11 comments Python, Linux, Web development
March 2017
Fastest way to download a file from S3 5 comments Python
More CSS load performance experiments (of a React app) Web development, JavaScript, React
Web Performance Optimization of a Single-Page-App and web fonts Web development, JavaScript, React
Don't forget your sets in Python! 4 comments Python
crontabber now supports locking, both high- and low-level Python, Mozilla, PostgreSQL
February 2017
Podcasttime.io - How Much Time Do Your Podcasts Take To Listen To? 3 comments Python, Web development, Django, JavaScript, React
January 2017
Autocompeter is Dead. Long live Autocompeter! Python, Web development, Go
ElasticSearch 5 in Travis-CI Python, Linux, Web development
10 Reasons I Love create-react-app 4 comments Web development, JavaScript
December 2016
Using Fanout.io in Django 1 comment Python, Web development, Django, Mozilla, JavaScript
November 2016
Cope with JSONDecodeError in requests.get().json() in Python 2 and 3 6 comments Python
How to deploy a create-react-app 2 comments Web development, JavaScript, React
Optimization of QuerySet.get() with or without select_related 1 comment Python, Django, PostgreSQL
October 2016
Django test optimization with no-op PIL engine 6 comments Python, Django
August 2016
hashin 0.7.0 and multiple packages Python
django-html-validator - now locally, fast! 1 comment Python, Web development, Django
How to identify/classify what language a piece of text is Misc. links, Python
json-schema-reducer Python
June 2016
Premailer 3.0.0 - classes kept by default Python, Web development
CSS Bloat Comparison Web development, JavaScript
May 2016
hashin 0.5.0 bug fix Python
Time to do concurrent CPU bound work 3 comments Python, Linux, MacOSX
Decorated Concurrency - Python multiprocessing made really really easy 17 comments Python
gg - A prototype to rule Git, GitHub and Bugzilla Python, Web development
How to track Google Analytics pageviews on non-web requests (with Python) 1 comment Python, Web development, Django, Mozilla
April 2016
.git/info/exclude, .gitignore and ~/.gitignore_global 4 comments Linux, MacOSX
Don't that this or bind 2 comments JavaScript
4 different kinds of React component styles 4 comments JavaScript, React
March 2016
Web performance optimization's dark side Web development
February 2016
Ctags in Atom on OSX Web development, MacOSX
Whatsdeployed on only one site Python, Web development, Mozilla
How to no-mincss links with django-pipeline 2 comments Python, Web development, Django
Bestest and securest way to handle Python dependencies 1 comment Python
January 2016
A quicksearch for Bugzilla using Autocompeter Python, Web development, Mozilla, JavaScript
hashin - a replacement for peepin Python
How I installed letsencrypt for Nginx Linux, Web development
Best Atom packages of 2015 7 comments Web development, MacOSX
Advanced Closure Compiler vs UglifyJS2 12 comments JavaScript
December 2015
Select all relations in PostgreSQL 1 comment PostgreSQL
Headsupper.io Python, Web development, Django, JavaScript, React
Django forms and making datetime inputs localized 2 comments Python, Django
November 2015
Screenshot-sharing performance comparison 13 comments Web development, MacOSX
Whatsdeployed 4 comments Python, Web development, Mozilla
Chainable catches in a JavaScript promise 6 comments Web development, JavaScript
October 2015
Weight of your PostgreSQL tables "lumped together" PostgreSQL
How to "onchange" in ReactJS 28 comments JavaScript, React
And bash basics 2 comments Linux, MacOSX
mozjpeg installation and sample 3 comments Linux, Web development, Mozilla
localStorage is not async, but it's FAST! 7 comments Web development, AngularJS, JavaScript
django-pipeline + django-jinja 2 comments Django
September 2015
Using Lovefield as an AJAX proxy maybe 1 comment Web development, JavaScript
Panasonic Lumix from 2008 or a iPhone 5S from 2014 5 comments Photos
ElasticSearch, snowball analyzer and stop words 1 comment Python
django-semanticui-form 2 comments Python, Django
peepin - a great companion to peep Python
Be careful with using dict() to create a copy 9 comments Python
Examples of mozjpeg savings 5 comments Web development, Mozilla
August 2015
Crash-stats just became a whole lot faster Web development, Mozilla
How to test if gzip is working on your site or app Linux, Web development
Introducing optisorl Python
News sites suck in terms of performance 5 comments Web development
Worst performing website of the year Web development
Some tips on learning React JavaScript, React
July 2015
How to log ALL PostgreSQL SQL happening 1 comment MacOSX, PostgreSQL
Visual speed comparison of AngularJS and ReactJS Web development, AngularJS, JavaScript
Premailer.io 3 comments Python, Web development, AngularJS, JavaScript
Find what indentation your files use Python
June 2015
How I git 1 comment Python, Linux
May 2015
Python slow-down of exception handling or condition checking Python
premailer 2.9.0 and new rules for `base_url` Python
Use closure for your Django context processors 11 comments Python, Django
April 2015
Using lazy loading images on Air Mozilla Mozilla, JavaScript
AngularJS $q notify and resolve as a local GET proxy 1 comment AngularJS, JavaScript
Benchmarking Autocompeter Go
Match the whole word in auto complete maybe 2 comments Web development, JavaScript
gulp-header is the best! 1 comment JavaScript
Autocompeter 1.1.8 and smooth typing Go, JavaScript
Autocompeter.com 8 comments Go, JavaScript
March 2015
Bye bye httpretty. Welcome back good old mock! 4 comments Python
How to slice a rune in Go 1 comment Go
Air Mozilla on Roku 2 comments Mozilla
Newsletters I enjoy for work Misc. links
February 2015
Median size of Javascript libs on jsDelivr JavaScript
Best non-cryptographic hashing function in Python (size and speed) 11 comments Python
January 2015
My favorite Go multiplexer 7 comments Go
Almost premature optimization Python, Web development, Django
December 2014
AJAX or not 1 comment Web development, AngularJS, JavaScript
Fastest way to take screencaps out of videos 1 comment Linux, Web development, Mozilla
One-way data bindings in AngularJS 1.3 1 comment AngularJS, JavaScript
vipsthumbnail Linux
November 2014
To then() or to success() in AngularJS 19 comments AngularJS, JavaScript
A "perma search" in AngularJS AngularJS, JavaScript
Why is it important to escape & in href attributes in tags? 13 comments Web development
God, No! by Penn Jillette Books
Bye bye AWS EC2, Hello Digital Ocean Linux
uwsgi and uid 4 comments Python, Linux, Django
October 2014
Shout-out to eventlog 4 comments Django
Go vs. Python 42 comments Python, Go
localForage vs. XHR 9 comments JavaScript
django-html-validator 2 comments Python, Web development, Django
Premailer on Python 3 1 comment Python
September 2014
Do you curl a lot to check headers? 6 comments Linux
An AngularJS directive with itself as the attribute 8 comments JavaScript, AngularJS
August 2014
set -ex - The most useful bash trick of the year 8 comments Linux
Highlighted code syntax in Keynote MacOSX
How I back up all my photos on S3 via Dropbox 4 comments Photos
premailer now with 100% test coverage Python
Aggressively prefetching everything you might click 13 comments This site, Web development, JavaScript
Gzip rules the world of optimization, often 4 comments Python, JavaScript
June 2014
Common names amongst my Facebook friends 1 comment Wondering
Crontabber 2 comments Python, Mozilla, PostgreSQL
Optimizing MozTrap 3 comments Web development, JavaScript, Mozilla
May 2014
HTML Tree on Hacker News Web development, JavaScript
April 2014
Migration of Postgres 9.2 to 9.3 with Homebrew and json_enhancements PostgreSQL
Do you like angular-classy? JavaScript, AngularJS
GitHub PR triage across multiple projects Web development, JavaScript, Mozilla
Wattvision - real-time energy monitoring 2 comments This site
Grymt - because I didn't invent Grunt here 3 comments Python, Web development, JavaScript
COPYFILE_DISABLE and python distutils in python 2.6 Python
March 2014
Buggy - A sexy Bugzilla offline webapp 1 comment Web development, Mozilla, JavaScript
My favorite YouTube channels 1 comment Misc. links
Github Pull Request Triage tool Web development, AngularJS
February 2014
Moby Dick (by Herman Melville) Books
What's the average number of domains a website depends on? 10 comments Web development
Advanced live-search with AngularJS 12 comments JavaScript
January 2014
Sorting mixed type lists in Python 3 4 comments Python
December 2013
How I do deployments 5 comments Linux, Web development
November 2013
Wish List Granted on Hacker News report 2 comments Web development
Welcome to the world, Wish List Granted 4 comments Web development, Django
Credit Card formatter in Javascript 28 comments JavaScript
A Django base class for all your Forms 2 comments Django
From Postgres to JSON strings 14 comments Python
All my apps are now running on one EC2 server Linux
October 2013
Lazy loading below the fold 2 comments Web development, JavaScript
Fastest database for Tornado 9 comments Python, Tornado
September 2013
10 years of blogging 2 comments This site
June 2013
In Python you sort with a tuple 9 comments Python
May 2013
premailer now excludes pseudo selectors by default Python, Web development
What stumped me about AngularJS 22 comments AngularJS, JavaScript
April 2013
Registration and sign-in by email verification 10 comments Web development
The Poincaré Conjecture 1 comment Mathematics, Books
Local jed settings 4 comments Linux, MacOSX
Careful with your assertRaises() and inheritance of exceptions 10 comments Python
Recruiters: if you're going to lie, do it properly 9 comments Work, Web development
"Did you mean this domain?" Auto-correction for the browser's address bar 4 comments Mozilla
Never put external Javascript in the <head> 13 comments Web development
March 2013
premailer now honours specificity Python
HTML whitespace "compression" - don't bother! 4 comments Web development
django-fancy-cache with or without stats 1 comment Python, Django
This site is now 100% inline CSS and no bytes are wasted 8 comments Python, Web development, Django
Welcome to the world django-fancy-cache! 3 comments Python, Django
February 2013
mincss version 0.8 is much much faster Python
mincss now support PhantomJS 3 comments Python
January 2013
mincss in action - sample report from the wild 10 comments Python, Web development
mincss "Clears the junk out of your CSS" 30 comments Python, Web development
Free business idea: An app for figuring out the best car for you Wondering
All your images are belong to data uris 12 comments Web development
December 2012
Gamification for me as a software developer 3 comments Web development
My new web marketing strategy: Begging 13 comments Web development
November 2012
Introducing: HUGEpic - a web app for showing massive pictures 19 comments Python
October 2012
Fastest way to thousands-commafy large numbers in Python/PyPy 15 comments Python
hastebinit - quickly paste snippets into hastebin.com 9 comments Python, Linux
September 2012
How I stopped worrying about IO blocking Tornado 5 comments Tornado
Introducing: League of Friends on Around The World Web development
Real-timify Django with SockJS 4 comments Django, JavaScript, Tornado
August 2012
django-mongokit now compatible with Django 1.4 Python
US License Plate Spotter (part 2) JavaScript
Beach volleyball bums 2 comments Misc. links
July 2012
Is Nginx obsolete now that we have Amazon CloudFront? 24 comments Web development
How to use premailer as a command line script 5 comments Python
US License Plate Spotter (part 1) 4 comments JavaScript
Newfound love of @staticmethod in Python 6 comments Python
June 2012
Difference between $.data('foo') and $.attr('data-foo') in jQuery 9 comments JavaScript
How I deal with deferred image loading in Javascript 3 comments Web development, JavaScript
May 2012
Postgres collation errors on CITEXT fields when upgrading to 9.1 1 comment Web development
Secs sell! How I cache my entire pages (server-side) 1 comment Python, Django
On the command line no one can hear you screen. Or can they? 2 comments Linux
April 2012
Are WebSockets faster than AJAX? ...with latency in mind? 25 comments Web development, JavaScript
I'm running pgFouine right now on my server Linux
Secs sell! How frickin' fast this site is! (server side) 2 comments Linux, Web development, Django
March 2012
Secs sell! How frickin' fast this site is! (client side) 7 comments Web development
IssueTrackerProduct now officially abandoned 6 comments Zope, IssueTrackerProduct
How much faster is Nginx+gunicorn than Apache+mod_wsgi? 9 comments Linux, Django
String length truncation optimization difference in Python 8 comments Python
When to __deepcopy__ classes in Python 9 comments Python
December 2011
Persistent caching with fire-and-forget updates 4 comments Python, Tornado
Cryptic errors when using django-nose 2 comments Django
Python file with closing automatically 2 comments Python
November 2011
Integrate BrowserID in a Tornado web app 2 comments Tornado, Mozilla
Trivial but powerful tips for nosetests Python
October 2011
Going real simple on HTML5 audio Web development, JavaScript
New feature on Too Cool For Me: Everyone I follow Web development
September 2011
Cateechee golf pictures Misc. links
Too Cool For Me? Tornado
Goodies from tornado-utils - part 3: send_mail Tornado
Goodies from tornado-utils - part 2: tornado_static Tornado
Goodies from tornado-utils - part 1: TestClient Tornado
Reciprocal lesson about gender perspectives Wondering
August 2011
Title - a javascript snippet to control the document title JavaScript
EmailInput HTML5 friendly for Django 6 comments Django
July 2011
A blog comment spam solution: Retalition! Wondering
A taste of the Django on inside Mozilla, Sheriffs Duty Django
Comparing Google Closure with UglifyJS 17 comments JavaScript
Slides about Kwissle from yesterdays London Python Dojo Python
June 2011
Chinese tea sampler pack now on sale Misc. links
Optimization story involving something silly I call "dict+" Python, MongoDB
Launching Kwissle.com 4 comments Tornado
Google teething problems still with duplicated content Misc. links
Test static resources in Django tests 3 comments Django
May 2011
A script tag's type in HTML5 4 comments JavaScript
maxlength_countdown() - a useful jQuery plugin for showing characters left 6 comments JavaScript
April 2011
Mocking DBRefs in Mongoose and nodeunit JavaScript, MongoDB
TornadoGists.org - launched and ready! 1 comment Python, Tornado
Strange socket related error with supervisord 7 comments Linux
Google's new Page Speed Online hard to beat 3 comments Web development
March 2011
Bash tip of the day: ff 2 comments Linux
My AWS CloudFront bill 1 comment This site
MongoUK 2011 - London conference all about MongoDB 2 comments MongoDB
QUnit testing my jQuery Mobile site in full swing 1 comment JavaScript
More productive than Lisp? Really??! Python
To all Zope developers: Does this sound familiar? 2 comments Zope
February 2011
I just ordered tea from the Min River Tea Farm Misc. links
Eloquent Javascript by Marijn Haverbeke JavaScript
Connecting with psycopg2 without a username and password 12 comments Python
Optimization of getting random rows out of a PostgreSQL in Django 48 comments Django
Nice testimonial about django-static Django
How I profile my Nginx + proxy pass server 3 comments Web development, Python
DoneCal homepage now able to do 10,000 requests/second DoneCal
EditDistanceMatcher - NodeJS script for doing edit distance 1 matching JavaScript
DoneCal on MumbaiMirror 1 comment DoneCal
January 2011
DoneCal.com international visitors DoneCal
Fastest "boolean SQL queries" possible with Django 5 comments Django
django-static version 1.5 automatically taking care of imported CSS 1 comment Django
RequireJS versus HeadJS 4 comments JavaScript
ToDo apps I gave up on in 2010 4 comments Wondering
December 2010
ssl_session_cache in Nginx and the ab benchmark 2 comments DoneCal, Linux
Speed of DoneCal API (over 1,400 request/sec) and HTTPS (less than 100 request/sec) 4 comments DoneCal
To code or to pdb in Python 6 comments Python
Page here about DoneCal DoneCal
November 2010
DoneCal gets a grade A (92) 3 comments DoneCal
Gmail tip: Searching only for attachments
Welcome to the world: DoneCal.com Python, Tornado
jsonpprint - a Python script to format JSON data nicely 5 comments Python
How to book a ticket on the Royal Academy of Music's website 1 comment Web development
Worst Flash site of the year 2010 2 comments Misc. links
Javascript tip: nifty use of the console.log function in Firebug 2 comments JavaScript
October 2010
In Django, how much faster is it to aggregate? 5 comments Django
How I made my MongoDB based web app 10 times faster 1 comment Python, MongoDB
Why I gave up on JQuery UI's autocomplete 3 comments JavaScript
Nasty JavaScript wart (or rather, don't take shortcuts) JavaScript
My tricks for using AsyncHTTPClient in Tornado 1 comment Python, Tornado
Local Django development with Nginx 15 comments Django
September 2010
In jQuery, using the :visible selector can be dangerous JavaScript
wkhtmltopdf and font size shrinkage Web development
I just discovered wikiHow Misc. links
Local NodeJS development environment with Nginx JavaScript
August 2010
Musings about django.contrib.auth.models.User 6 comments Python, Django
Where I live 2 comments
July 2010
Hosting Django static images with Amazon Cloudfront (CDN) using django-static 4 comments Django
June 2010
People's reactions to Gates and Buffet's $600 billion challenge Politics
TfL Traffic cameras on a Google map 4 comments Web development
May 2010
Correction: running Django tests with MongoDB is NOT slow 1 comment Django, MongoDB
Muted conversations in Gmail Misc. links
"Using MongoDB in your Django app - implications and benefits" 10 comments Django
mongoengine vs. django-mongokit 3 comments Python, Django
More on What is "pythonic" 6 comments Python
Review: Django 1.1 Testing and Debugging Django
Making output stay on stdout Linux
Upgrading to Ubuntu Lucid Lynx and downgrading to Python2.4 and Python2.5 5 comments Linux
Fish - most important Python package since distutils Python
April 2010
My site on the iPad This site
GlobalExpense doesn't work in Firefox Misc. links
Spelling differences between British and American English Misc. links
OpenID, Attribute Exchange, SReg, python-openid and Google 2 comments Web development, Python
Word Whomp solvers love Crosstips 4 comments Misc. links
UPPER vs. ILIKE 4 comments Web development
Who was logged in during a Django exception 5 comments Django
fcgi vs. gunicorn vs. uWSGI 29 comments Python, Django, Linux
Cycling across England on Orange Snapshot Photos
March 2010
The awesomest way possible to serve your static stuff in Django with Nginx 19 comments Django
Beautiful photos from the Katrina hurricane Misc. links
Speed test between django_mongokit and postgresql_psycopg2 15 comments Python, Django
How and why to use django-mongokit (aka. Django to MongoDB) 11 comments Python, Django
Ubuntu Cola or Ubuntu Linux Linux
Importance of public URLs and how enterprisecarsales.com gets it wrong Web development
February 2010
How girls/guys rate guys/girls 1 comment Misc. links
Looking for icons? Web development
Last.fm Tube Tags Music
Haiti Earthquake: Who's given what? Politics
January 2010
Healing Food Reference Misc. links
Guake, not Yakuake or Yeahconsole 4 comments Linux
oplop - How Oplop works, explained in plain English and in technical detail Misc. links
Tip: creating a Xapian database in Python 5 comments Python
Bookmarklet to replace the current domain with localhost:8000 1 comment Web development, Django
LastGraph - visualizing your Last.fm usage Misc. links
December 2009
China wrecked the Copenhagen deal Politics
Migrating with South on a field that uses auto_now_add=True 5 comments Django
Homer Simpson playing Cry of the Black Birds by Amon Amarth Music
Orphaned Land - Jewish Muslim Metal 9 comments Music
November 2009
Comparing YUI Compressor and slimmer 5 comments Python
Those Crazy Chinese Django
Mocking os.stat in Python 5 comments Python
October 2009
"Frank Zappa: The Biography" by Barry Miles 7 comments Books
iPhone push notifications for Twitter with Prowl 1 comment Web development
What makes my website slow? DNS 14 comments This site, Linux
What I hate about PIL and Image in Python 6 comments Python
Messed up columns in Django Admin 1 comment Django
Automatically strip whitespace in Django forms 2 comments Django
A user-friendly TinyMCE config 4 comments Web development
September 2009
Funnier than Fail Blog: Fail Dogs Misc. links
London Frock Exchange launched Work, Django
My first Twitter app - KungFuPeople.com Python, Kung Fu
Comparing jsmin and slimmer 3 comments Python
Python Code Dojo London - 17 Sep 2009 Python
"Hello John. It's Gordon Brown." Misc. links
7 of the World's Most Irresponsible Companies 1 comment Misc. links
August 2009
Cgunit - Online Gallery Misc. links
To sub-select or not sub-select in PostgreSQL Linux
Custom CacheMiddleware that tells Javascript a page is cached in Django 1 comment Django
What a super user-friendly menu!
Table Of Countries Showing Drive Direction Misc. links
The Secret to SEO Search Engine Optimization Web development
Calling all kung fu people - kungfupeople.com Kung Fu, Django
Google Reverse Geocoding vs. GeoNames 3 comments Python
gg - wrapping git-grep Linux
Public calendars on Google Calendar Misc. links
More optimization of Peterbe.com - CSS sprites Web development
July 2009
The 4-hour Work Week by Timothy Ferris Books
Battery life usage on an iPhone 3G(S) iPhone
gorun.py - Using (py)inotify to run commands when files change Python
Getting uploadify to work 11 comments Web development
setuptools usability - not good, what can be done? 12 comments Python
premailer.py - Transform CSS into line style attributes with lxml.html 9 comments Python
My first iPhone web app - Crosstips iPhone interface 2 comments iPhone
June 2009
My dislike for booleans and that impact on the Django Admin 8 comments Django
May 2009
Introducing django-spellcorrector Django
Crossing the world - new feature on Crosstips 1 comment Django
Sequences in PostgreSQL and rolling back transactions Linux
Most unusual letters in English language 11 comments Python
To JSON, Pickle or Marshal in Python 4 comments Python
Never seen before Google Server Error 1 comment
April 2009
Lizard walk charity for the Claremont project Kung Fu
Crosstips now has sparklines Web development
mailto: considered stupid, especially with ?subject 5 comments Web development
Git + Twitter = Friedcode 10 comments Python, Linux
Lesson learned: Unicodifying request variables in Zope 3 comments Zope
Fujitsu FLEPia Books
TypeRacer Best online game in years Misc. links
Google Calendar, iCalendar Validator but not bloody Apple iCal 2 comments Web development
Simple interface for Crosstips Web development
Shit trailer, awesome way to show it Web development
March 2009
Head-to-head movie voting Film
British or American English or just English 4 comments Web development
Nginx vs. Squid 3 comments Linux
Too much Python makes Peter a shit Javascript developer JavaScript
Sandisk SSD v/s HDD 2 comments Misc. links
February 2009
To $('#foo p') or to $('p', $('#foo')) 2 comments JavaScript
Propeller Island City Lodge Orange Room
Founder of Islamic TV station accused of beheading wife Politics
To assert or assertEqual in Python unit testing 17 comments Python
Female body builder picture galore 1 comment
Tough Guy Challenge 2009 - Boston.com
The Albion, Shoreditch 1 comment Web development
January 2009
How I Made a 1,474-Megapixel Photo Misc. links
Acupuncture works for headaches Misc. links
Rock stars and their parents
Nasty surprise of Django and gettext 3 comments Django
Formatting numeric amounts in Javascript 1 comment JavaScript
Earth, observed - The Big Picture - Boston.com
Hellsongs 2 comments Music
Does Semen Have Antidepressant Properties? Misc. links
Secrets of success from Google co-founder Larry Page
The Big Storm Picture: November 2008
The Jesus story - A serious case of plagiarism 66 comments Misc. links
Ultimate Banksy Art & Graffiti Gallery | WebUrbanist
December 2008
"Confused and scared"
Round trip with Endeavour - The Big Picture - Boston.com
Obesity Not Just an American Problem Anymore | Newsweek Health | Newsweek.com Misc. links
YouTube - Nigella's XXXmas 1 comment Misc. links
Towel dog
My first YSlow Grade A (100)! 6 comments Django
All My Internet Friends 1 comment
Wing IDE versus Jed 4 comments Linux
Nasty surprise of Django cache 10 comments Django
bool is instance of int in Python 15 comments Python
November 2008
Finally got rid of the system beep 2 comments Linux
domstripper - A lxml.html test project 1 comment Python
How to unit test the innards of a Django view function 3 comments Django
Why do you vote for the democrats? Politics
October 2008
Comic-Con 2008 photos Misc. links
Django vs. Java 1 comment Django
Flash advert hell 1 comment Web development
World Plone Day here in London, England Plone
Why bother with MySQL... 2 comments Linux
When '_properties' gets stuck as a persistent attribute 1 comment Zope
September 2008
V8 < TraceMonkey < SquirrelFish Web development
The importance of env (and how it works with virtualenv) 8 comments Python
The stupidity of 'id' as a variable name (or stupidity of me) 3 comments Python
Why we like Obama, short answer: his speeches 1 comment Politics
Accessible UK Train Timetable 1 comment Misc. links
August 2008
Kalle Kappner - Opeth and Pain of Salvation piano tribute Music
Weird Asia News Misc. links
Anti-McCain propaganda videos 3 comments Politics
That should last a couple of weeks
July 2008
Python new-style classes and the super() function 5 comments Python
Use Javascript to prevent spambots 3 comments Web development
The importance of checking in Firefox 4 comments Web development
A great thing about Squid: Calamaris Linux
Interview with Varg Vikernes 10 comments Music
June 2008
WestIsEast.co.uk launched 1 comment Misc. links
Another brownie point for Django 1 comment Django
Difference between Sweden and UK: renewable energy 1 comment Sweden
Damn lies and benchmark comparing Apache and Nginx 7 comments Linux
May 2008
zope-memory-readings - Tracking Zope2's memory usage by URL Zope
split_search() - A Python functional for advanced search applications Python
April 2008
The importance of the TITLE attribute 2 comments Web development
What I like and dislike about Grok 2 comments Zope
Mixing in new-style classes in Zope 2.7 Zope
pwdf - a mix of ls and pwd 2 comments Linux
Lesson learnt with creating DOM element with jQuery 6 comments JavaScript
March 2008
One thing I hate about Linux: cron 6 comments Linux
How to uninstall nginx with apt 11 comments Linux
Tip: Printer friendly pages with Page Templates in Zope Zope
apple.com/store doesn't work in Firefox (on Linux) 6 comments Web development
Mocking a Python standard library 2 comments Zope
See you at PyCon 2008 Python
File check before delete 1 comment Linux
"Confessions of a College Callgirl" is the new "My Secret Life As A Prostitute" 2 comments Misc. links
hostip.info - Look up the location from an IP 1 comment Linux
February 2008
CommandLineApp by Doug Hellmann Python
If Americans knew - An interesting insight into the Israeli Palestine conflict 4 comments Politics
Chinese New Year and the Persecution of Falun Gong in China 2 comments Kung Fu
logrotating all my Zope event logs Zope, Linux
Ocado gets customer service right 8 comments Misc. links
Why Django and Grok matters 5 comments Web development
January 2008
The Official Dilbert Widget Misc. links
"lost my phone :(" 3 comments Mobile
Ugliest e-commerce site of the month - Comfy-Feet 2 comments Misc. links
input/textarea switcher with jQuery 2 comments JavaScript
jQuery and Highslide JS 5 comments JavaScript
The Love Mattress Misc. links
EditArea vs. CodePress 5 comments Web development
December 2007
String comparison function in Python (alpha) 7 comments Python
isArithmeticExpression() in Javascript JavaScript
Calculator in Python for dummies 17 comments Python
T-Mobile MMS collection 1 comment Web development
WSSE Authentication and Apache 1 comment Python
geopy distance calculation pitfall 1 comment Python
Kill Ugly Radio - A Frank Zappa blog Misc. links
November 2007
Photos from Fuzhou 2007 Photos
Futurama is back! Misc. links
Note to self about Jeditable JavaScript
Back from Fuzhou, China 3 comments
October 2007
Now I'm on Last.fm 1 comment Music
DateIndex in Zope doesn't have indexed attributes Zope
Piteå, as experienced by Sam Dunstan Sweden
Islington Kungfu charity fund raiser 2007 1 comment Kung Fu
Bicycle racing in NYC Misc. links
Silk icons 1 comment Web development
Future of Web Apps (quick summary and thoughts) 2 comments Web development
September 2007
Linux tip: du --max-depth=1 28 comments Linux
Spellcorrector 0.2 3 comments Python
Ugliest site of the month - The Backyard Comedy Club 15 comments Misc. links
Vertically expanding textarea input boxes JavaScript
Nasty human error in Zope ZEO setup Zope
Fun Python error message Zope
What art is ...according to Don Van Vliet 5 comments Art
August 2007
Not just the bikini event Misc. links
Proud to be a Swedish atheist Sweden
Printer usability problem 1 comment Linux
rfc822() vs. rfc1123_date() Zope
html2plaintext Python script to convert HTML emails to plain text 12 comments Python
YSlow grade A (96) but not with doubts Web development
Interesting lesson learnt on shortcut taking in usability 3 comments Plone
July 2007
XML header and childNodes Web development
How did Google do that? 6 comments Web development
Worst gigolo sales pitch ever
I'm not a hacker 2 comments This site
Mac OS X's python binary icons 6 comments MacOSX
June 2007
iPhones review on WSJ Misc. links
Internet Radio - Day of Silence Misc. links
Optional input labels 1 comment Web development
FacebookStatusUpdater Linux
<button> not supported on Pocket IE 3 comments Web development
May 2007
Playing with filestream_iterator Zope
American foreign policy Politics
Time in the Stone - Emily Young exhibition Art
Cutest server error message ever Misc. links
No, I'm not going to freeze your account 2 comments This site
Miami Vice party photos Photos
What does $456 billion buy? 2 comments Politics
I'm Prolog 1 comment Python
April 2007
Guess my age with MOBi Zope
Spellcorrector 3 comments Python
Albert Einstein figurine head Family
What's the fattest Subway sandwich? 4 comments Misc. links
March 2007
ZYB - crap name, brilliant app Mobile
Is peanut butter the proof that evolution doesn't happen? 5 comments Politics
Learning about ATFolder's security Plone
Associative arrays 1 comment Web development
Zope Image to filesystem image 2 comments Zope
Earl Grey or cheap tea, does it really matter? 1 comment Wondering
Kung fu in Twickenham Kung Fu
Aussies in London - What are you doing here? 1 comment Books
February 2007
JetBlue a good and bad website Web development
Sedo.com - any good? 1 comment
favicon2dots Misc. links
Vista voice recognition and Perl 7 comments Misc. links
Comparing REAL values in PostgreSQL Linux
A Flash interface that doesn't suck 2 comments Web development
January 2007
Gzip and Slimmer optimization anecdote 7 comments Zope
Canon and Sony Ericsson rule Flickr Photos
New Google Groups design Misc. links
Ugliest site of the month - CSDC 1 comment Misc. links
RememberYourFriends.com running jQuery Web development
Best youtube.com clip of the year? 8 comments Politics
Mesmerizing pencil art Misc. links
Flash 9 on Ubuntu Edgy Eft 4 comments Linux
setAttribute('style', ...) workaround for IE 41 comments JavaScript
Thuas Trägubbar 1 comment Family
December 2006
Find largest directories with du -k 3 comments Linux
Happy Birthday to me! 2 comments
ImageMagick conversion comparison 3 comments Linux
CSS selector bug in IE? Web development
is is not the same as equal in Python 8 comments Python
November 2006
Solar power in the north African desert Politics
MUnderscorePatch - tired of typing manage_main? Zope
Entering multilanguage data in Zope
Bloggers not responsible for comment? Politics
Food File Online 1 comment Misc. links
Crazy road in China 1 comment Misc. links
Memory dump blog recovery 4 comments Linux
October 2006
Oxfordtube's website sucks 2 comments
Sending HTML emails in Zope 3 comments Zope
Catching a carriage return in bash 2 comments Linux
New domain name This site
Ricardo Semler in London Misc. links
Lion + Tiger = Liger 13 comments Misc. links
NES Quiz Misc. links
Zope 3 training blog Zope
September 2006
Crazy Egg of IssueTrackerProduct.com Web development
Comparing Ruby and PHP Zope
I knew it! You don't have to drink that much water Misc. links
Bill O'Reilly nailed 2 comments Politics
Why did RememberYourFriends fail? 6 comments Web development
Google London Automation Test conference (part II) Work
Google London Automation Test conference Work
Steve Irwin (crocodile hunter) dead 2 comments Misc. links
Redirect stderr into becoming dots in Bash 3 comments Linux
August 2006
Web 2.0 logo generator 1 comment Misc. links
Madonna's birthday party at the Lounge Lover 23 comments Photos
Fastest way to uniqify a list in Python 92 comments Python
Unicode strings to ASCII ...nicely 20 comments Python
More crappy album covers Misc. links
Sorting transform function in PostgreSQL 5 comments Work
July 2006
Exploding Dell laptops Misc. links
slim in ruby Linux
slim, a new free web service for white space optimisation 1 comment Python
Spaceinvaders with real people 1 comment Misc. links
Trout Mask Replica - Captain Beefheart 5 comments Music
Nice stats added to RememberYourFriends.com Python
GMapEZ - Google Maps API too complicated for you? 1 comment Web development
Oil, gas and stupidity Politics
Desired Firefox extension 1 comment Web development
DifferenceFinder (aka. humanreadablediff.py) 4 comments Python
June 2006
RememberYourFriends.com beta version 4 comments Web development
Brick Lane market 3 comments Misc. links
Tekken with Actual Humans 2 comments Kung Fu
Wanna be my flatmate? 3 comments
Pleonasm Misc. links
Animator vs. Animation 1 comment Misc. links
TinyMCE + Zope = ZTinyMCE 8 comments Zope
May 2006
Weird spam? Or just a weird girl? 4 comments Wondering
Geeking with tags file for Jed Python, Linux
isInt() JavaScript function 23 comments Web development
SVN + ./todo + crontab 1 comment Linux
Pixoh.com and Instant Domain Search Misc. links
Watford kung fu club 2 comments Kung Fu
Mobile-review.com 3 comments Misc. links
April 2006
Private functions in Javascript? 3 comments Web development, Python
type - Writing shell scripts 1 comment Linux
Helpdeskshow - a quick review IssueTrackerProduct
Interesting float/int casting in Python 21 comments Python
Best bicycle locks 1 comment Misc. links
Date formatting in Python or in PostgreSQL (part II) Python
Careful when dealing with options in IE 2 comments Web development
Case insensitive list remove call (part II) 1 comment Python
Case insensitive list remove call 13 comments Python
Shark kayak 19 comments Misc. links
March 2006
Merrill Lynch's f**ked up website 3 comments Web development
Teach me about OCR Linux
To br / or not to br/ 1 comment Web development
Annoying Safari just ate my blog 6 comments MacOSX
Kung fu in East London with Shkar 11 comments Kung Fu
Carbon XEmacs installed MacOSX
Quick PostgreSQL optimization story 1 comment Work
Squeezebox + Pandora 3 comments Misc. links
parentElementsByTagName(doc, tagname, classname) 3 comments Web development
tightVNC and Chicken of the VNC MacOSX
Why Linux is better Linux
February 2006
Martial Arts by Pen Rance Kung Fu, Books
Apple Store or Micro Anvika 1 comment
Dynamic image replacement technique 6 comments Web development, Python
Google and Python code 14 comments Python
CSSViewer - new promising Firefox Extension Web development
waiting for your guidance 2 comments
How to fold t-shirts, with a "machine" Misc. links
Jed Tags with ntags (for dummies) 2 comments Linux
Geeking with Eterm and Tkinter Linux
tempfile in Python standard library 7 comments Python
Sexy furniture 3 comments Misc. links
Size comparison of Zope3, Django and TurboGears 10 comments Python
Setting security declarations to Zope classes 5 comments Python, Zope
January 2006
ReCSS a tool to reload the CSS without reloading the whole page 1 comment Web development
Northern light photos Photos
Photos from FWC China 2005 Photos, This site
IssueTrackerProduct featured on Ajaxian.com IssueTrackerProduct
Bad spelling a good thing? 2 comments This site
Are you a web developer? Then VisiBone is for you Web development
Who do you ping? 9 comments Linux
Hasselblad's 39 megapixel digital camera 2 comments Misc. links
Strange language bug in Windows XP 1 comment Misc. links
An idea for a better timesheet tracker 4 comments Wondering, Work
My new years resolution 2006 1 comment Wondering
Don't put title in a <link> tag 3 comments Web development
Ask Yahoo "What state do the Simpsons live in?" 792 comments Misc. links
Back from China
December 2005
Off to holiday in China
Emacs on the Palm OS Mobile
Geek entrepreneurs' reading list 1 comment Books
ALTER TABLE patch Work
iWipe - toilet paper and a Mac 2 comments Misc. links
have or has? 2 comments Wondering
DOM Scripting Books
November 2005
"Groups" search on Google Politics
CSS code of del.icio.us 1 comment Web development
Yahoo! Inbound Links API Python
The Search Engine Experiment Misc. links
Islington Knuckle Walk 1 comment Kung Fu
Mvbackupfiles - a script to "delete" back autosaved backup files 1 comment Linux
createElement('a') with a javascript href 22 comments Web development
Major performance fix on file searches Zope, IssueTrackerProduct
Old School Kung Fu Kung Fu
Filename splitter 4 comments Python, Zope
Pandora Update Music
MyMcDiet.com Kevin O'Connor's fast food diet 15 comments Misc. links
"Clever" date formatting accessibility 14 comments Python, Zope
Active Reactor watches 1 comment Misc. links
Screencasting the unix way with Python Linux
Screencasting test IssueTrackerProduct
Whitelist blacklist logic 7 comments Python
www aliases set up 1 comment This site
October 2005
Using MD5 to check equality between files 11 comments Python
Shane's Bit Mountain Linux
Pandora (followup) Neat error messaging Misc. links
Pandora - a great Internet radio Music
"Increment numbers in a string" 2 comments Python
Playing with Reverend Bayesian Python
Furious and deprived by 'rm *' 2 comments Linux
table-layout: fixed 1 comment Web development
Dream: python bindings for squidclient 3 comments Python, This site
Best Image Replacement Technique guide Web development
Gmail catching up with the IssueTrackerProduct Web development
Wanted: good Javascript for handling key events Web development
Toggle Zope's debug mode Zope
September 2005
Jed looking like Emacs Linux
R.I.P Palm Treo Politics
Pimp my COREBlog 5 comments Zope
Ruby and Python benchmarked 27 comments Python
Smurl from Python 1 comment Python
Python regular expression tester 1 comment Python
'Cache-Control' or Expires 3 comments Zope
Misstake or hidden Nazi message? 6 comments Politics
firstChild.nodeValue vs. innerHTML 15 comments Web development
Announcing Smurl - a free URL compressor 12 comments Zope
Amazon bug in shopping basket 2 comments Web development
Random ID generator for Zope Python
August 2005
British English for Americans 1 comment Misc. links
More street 3D drawings Misc. links
Insect photography 7 comments Photos
An ideal company blog tool 4 comments Work
Back from Djerba, Tunisia 1 comment
Ricardo Semler's Semco English website 11 comments Misc. links
Dream Theater - Octavarium 1 comment Music
Button tag in bloody Internet Explorer 136 comments Web development
Worst album covers (updated) Misc. links
Jealous of Google stemming 1 comment Zope
AJAX seach on 404 error pages Web development
July 2005
Just Oracle and IBM? Linux
Release package file size 1 comment IssueTrackerProduct
\B in Python regular expressions Python
London bus 26 from Hackney
Interesting NHS error message 2 comments Web development
Kung Fu in Clapham with Richard 2 comments Kung Fu
SmartDict - a smart 'dict' wrapper 9 comments Python
Rent a chest Misc. links
Drop down selects that learn 4 comments Web development
Unaffected by the London blasts 1 comment
Lisp compared to Python 1 comment Python
Falling mannequin animation 1 comment Misc. links
Module dependencies of IssueTracker.py IssueTrackerProduct
June 2005
ztar - my wrapper on tar -z 8 comments Python, Linux
Zope in DevelopmentMode Zope
AJAX accelerated web widgets 5 comments IssueTrackerProduct
Zope compared to PHP 2 comments Zope
Software Patents in the EU (Stallman's explaination) 1 comment Politics
Authentic Locations Misc. links
Regular Expressions in Javascript cheat sheet Web development
Scandinavian Airlines phone booking 16 comments Misc. links
\b in Python regular expressions 3 comments Python
My trade salary has gone down, apparently 1 comment Work
chmod files differently to directories 10 comments Linux
Good design examples for a non-blog 1 comment IssueTrackerProduct
window.onload from before 10 comments Web development
I'm back! Peterbe.com has been renewed 1 comment This site
May 2005
Sound of different languages 1 comment Misc. links
Kittenwar a clever way of voting 5 comments Misc. links
Cheeky Explore (Dictionary of Everything) 1 comment Politics
The Brick Testament 2 comments Misc. links
MOBi phonebook into Excel Work
Plone.org calls it Issue Tracker 3 comments Zope
Susan Senator's book Misc. links
List of casts in PostgreSQL Linux
Kingdom of Crap 3 comments Film
London Review of Personals Misc. links
Jacobian highlighter 2 comments Python
April 2005
Better select boxes for issue tracker 5 comments Web development
The Geeks Revenge Misc. links
TAL here hack in Plone 1 comment Plone
Gmail shortcuts 4 comments Linux
Grep results expanded 5 comments Python, Linux
Serious flaw in Bose headphones 7 comments Music
pg_class to check if table exists 4 comments Linux
Google blogs about their Maps Misc. links
"Can you help me about ZOPE?" 2 comments Zope
Nanagram, anagram your name 1 comment Misc. links
Noise reduction headphones 1 comment Work
Interior Octopus 25 comments Photos
Find print statements in Python code 6 comments Python, Linux
Your webpage in Lynx Web development
Control comment spam 1 comment Python
Python Cookbook arrived 2 comments Books
callable Python objects 8 comments Python
March 2005
Ugly one-liner to debug an object in Zope 2 comments Zope
Searching for the obvious Wondering
More amazing sidewalk art Misc. links
Read in passwords with bash 37 comments Linux
Add links to a text (take III) Python
U.S. memory championship Misc. links
Fork Art, up yours Uri Geller Misc. links
Adminspotting t-shirts 1 comment Misc. links
Best Hubbles Space Telescope Images Misc. links
Swedish holidays explained 2 comments Sweden
All the Seinfeld quotes you can eat Misc. links
Good usage of drop-downs Web development
Suspend and resume output in terminal 6 comments Linux
Encrypted files in Emacs Linux, MacOSX
February 2005
File attachment widget with Javascript 9 comments Web development
BaconWhores ha! Misc. links
Audioscrobbler indexes your MP3 usage Misc. links
Debian popular in Sweden Sweden
Optimize Plone.org with slimmer.py 13 comments Python
Python optimization anecdote 4 comments Python
Gmail account giveaway 45 comments Misc. links
Combining MOBi and EconoAccount 1 comment Zope
How to deal with tele-marketing calls 1 comment Misc. links
Good posture website Web development
January 2005
"Snowy Tribute to Calvin & Hobbes" Misc. links
Top movie deaths Misc. links
Google Video (beta) Misc. links
Google is blind 6 comments Web development
niceboolean() - converts what you say to what you mean 6 comments Python
parametrize_url() adding parameters to URLs 4 comments Python
Gmail spam filter 7 comments
My favorite CSS Zen Garden design Web development
Running simple SQL commands on the command line 2 comments Python
December 2004
Valuble site: Commonly Confused Characters Web development
Infinitely deep illustration 1 comment Misc. links
Merry Christmas
The problem with CSS 1 comment Web development
__call__ folderish Zope objects Zope
Ugliest site of the month, plus44.com 2 comments Web development
Python package path when executed elsewhere 3 comments Python
Happy Birthday to me! Wondering
Do you know what safe txt is? Misc. links
Kung fu competition photos from Sutton 1 comment Photos
Graduation photos Photos
CorpCalendar review on ZopeMag.com Zope
November 2004
HTML entity fixer 9 comments Python
Hacking and martial arts 2 comments Kung Fu
Ugliest site of the month, hernia.org 1 comment Web development
Make your settings in .Xdefaults come true 1 comment Linux
Bad Santa Film
Indent text like email clients do Python
Add links to a text (take II) 2 comments Python
XHTML Transitional versus Strict Web development
Add links to a text with URLs 3 comments Web development
Do you know about Firefox?
October 2004
City & Islington kung fu charity event 1 comment Kung Fu
Urwid - curses-based UI/widget library for Python Python, Linux
Massrenaming with shell and python 5 comments Python, Linux
Bush country Photos
Reindexing AVI films with mplayer 5 comments Film
Time Machine Ballistics Photos
Disable Caps Lock in Linux 30 comments Linux
I'm back and awake! 1 comment This site
September 2004
Findory Blogory, like Google News Alerts but for blogs 1 comment Web development
Tell me your birthday Wondering
August 2004
(Idea) A new anti-spam law 3 comments Politics
Email-your-friends reminder web application 10 comments Web development
Ugly footballers Misc. links
PixelField a game for pixel-lovers Misc. links
People who really can't think in numbers Mathematics
Changing the size of a textarea box 5 comments Web development
Python inspect module 2 comments Python
Film Music by Alfred Schnittke 1 comment Music
Classic Movie Scripts 1 comment Film
Obsolete Computer Museum 1 comment Misc. links
Psychiatric med student Michelle's story 1 comment Misc. links
Pretty print SQL script 6 comments Python
Integer division in programming languages 20 comments Python
Overcomplicated password requirements on Oystercard.com 1 comment Web development
July 2004
Make your own 3-D pictures Misc. links
Most common English words 5 comments Misc. links
Date plus years or months or weeks 6 comments Python
World Oil Depletion and the Inevitable Crisis Politics
WYSIWYG inline HTML editors Web development
Intel.com incompatible to Mozilla Web development
University results 4 comments Mathematics
Date formatting in python or in PostgreSQL 1 comment Python
Honesty and advertising on Gizmodo Misc. links
Paper Wars Misc. links
On the amount of spam 3 comments Misc. links
Göta Kanal 2004 holiday photos Photos
Company loyalty Work
Life of Pi Photos
The World's Top 100 Wonders 20 comments Misc. links
June 2004
Now I have a Gmail account 186 comments Misc. links
Evil HTML frames Web development
Holiday for a week 1 comment
TBODY tag in a XHTML table 2 comments Web development
Dan's just been to Sweden 1 comment Sweden
Underwater MP3 player 4 comments Misc. links
Afghan national sport photos 7 comments Photos
Ugliest site of the month, stradbally Web development
Kung fu photos from Varberg, Sweden 3 comments Kung Fu
Impressive baby photos website Photos
SquareOneTV Mathematics
Corp Calendar 0.0.5 Zope
Different phone, same number Mobile
Test your computer secretary skills 2 comments Misc. links
Accessible Pop-Up script 1 comment Web development
Washing sense of humour Politics
Nicking images from our website Web development
Lost my mobile phone 1 comment Mobile
10 reasons for web standards Web development
"My Secret Life As A Prostitute" 257 comments Misc. links
Find song by lyrics 26,219 comments Misc. links
May 2004
Experimenting with binoculars Photos
Can you add them all up? 4 comments Mathematics
McDonalds Calories Misc. links
"I Am American" 2 comments
Jaguar cars website Web development
No more university for me 1 comment Mathematics
PlogRank - my own PageRank application 2 comments This site, Web development
Google PageRank matrix calculator (graphically) 2 comments Mathematics
Bush votes: inverse proportional to education and IQ 1 comment Politics
Why should I use XHTML? Web development
Google hardware history Misc. links
Two done three to go Mathematics
Krispy Kreme doughnuts store opening 1 comment Misc. links
Zurich tram service problem Mathematics
Distributed compiling with distcc 1 comment Linux
Heil Jed and Dave Kuhlman 1 comment Linux
Obfuscating C contest running now 2 comments Misc. links
Outbreak - fight the viruses Misc. links
Molvania: A land untouched by modern dentistry 3 comments Misc. links
Windows Noise Becomes Music Misc. links
April 2004
Images Misc. links
Don't bogart that camera my friend Photos
A whole website about Shallots 14 comments Misc. links
Food from Sweden 8 comments Sweden
Throw the penguin 1 comment Misc. links
Anna and Johan photo modelling Photos
About Ricardo Semler and Semco 3 comments Misc. links
Proper wireless computing Misc. links
Kill Bill flash game 6 comments Misc. links
Funny Plone quote 2 comments Zope
Emacs html-mode for .zpt and .dtml Zope
The importance of being findable 3 comments This site
LaTeX Word Counter 2 comments Misc. links
My dissertation report 2 comments Web development, Mathematics
The 5 most spectacular photos of 2003 17 comments Photos
How to fold clothes 9 comments Misc. links
XHTML, HTML and CSS compressor 16 comments Web development, Python
PostgreSQL, MySQL or SQLite 9 comments Linux
Challenge Osama with scimitar or sword Politics
Anti-email-harvesting with JavaScript Web development
March 2004
Metamorphosis, Franz Kafka 2 comments Books
FWC November competition video Kung Fu
Fat food = fat kids? 216 comments Misc. links
Pylets, more than just mod_python Python
EuroPython in Sweden, I should go Python
Google PageRank algorithm in Python 27 comments Python, Mathematics
What's so bad about HTML guys? 2 comments Web development
He must really hate C 2 comments Misc. links
Virtual feminization 1 comment Misc. links
The Dead Zone Misc. links
Finished the bulk of my dissertation 1 comment Mathematics
The meaning of "hacking" 66 comments Misc. links
To readline() or readlines() 30 comments Python
Python UnZipped Python
Deep sea fish, lots of pictures 2 comments Misc. links
PSP - Python Server Pages 2 comments Python
Funniest Volvo advert ever 3 comments Sweden
How to uninstall LeakFinder in Zope Zope
Apostrophes in predictive text 1 comment
Moving Image Contest for Creative Commons Misc. links
Optimized stylesheets 1 comment This site
World Press Photo, the winners Photos
the knife: Pass This On 2 comments Misc. links
Unusual job offer 1 comment Misc. links
CPU info Linux
Lemon - Commodore 64 Heaven! Misc. links
February 2004
StreetArt in London on Ploggle Misc. links
Lots of shit about shit 1 comment Misc. links
Share Your OPML Misc. links
What will you not wear today? 2 comments Misc. links
Anti-spamming email harvesting Web development
Bugknits Misc. links
Practical CSS 2 comments Web development
Best water in the world 4 comments Sweden
Neon-Brite, a 360 degree theatre play Misc. links
Future plan for IssueTrackerProduct 2 comments Web development
Ploggle Web development
WEBoggle mind bogglingly addictive 7 comments Misc. links
This site 7 months ago This site
Why Sun should Open up on Java 1 comment Linux
C++ templates or not
Ugliest site of the month, yoyoguy.com 15 comments Web development
MozillaZine Knowledge Base Web development
Afghan expressionism in a modern era Misc. links
RSS 1.0 feed now 1 comment This site
Getting fired in 3 hours Misc. links
Memory Test on BBC Science 1 comment Misc. links
Breaking usability principles for usability 3 comments This site
DOCTYPE in PageTemplates with METAL 1 comment Zope
Dan Heller's Photos of Italy 1 comment Photos
Man mailed himself home 1 comment Misc. links
Do you know about Wikipedia? Misc. links
Techie things I want to buy from ebuyer.com 6 comments Wondering
Adding a year in PostgreSQL 1 comment Linux
PayPalSucks.com, can't be good for PayPal 40 comments Web development
Photo.net, Photograph of the Week Gallery Misc. links
S21: The Khmer Rouge Killing Machine 2 comments Film
Photofusion in London 1 comment Photos
January 2004
The Chinese Martial Arts Film at BFI Film
I'm a computer nerd, but... Misc. links
ClearWind.ca a good looking Plone site Zope
Julien Donkey-Boy Film
30 days solid McDonalds diet experiment 78 comments Misc. links
What Yin-Yang is Kung Fu
George W. Bush and the $85.2 million ad campaign Politics
Grep in Jed 1 comment Linux
Keybinding ALT-F in Jed 1 comment Linux
Passed my grading! 1 comment Kung Fu
Dabbrev in Jed Linux
Labels in HTML forms 2 comments Web development
Robots.txt Validator 1 comment Web development
MathML and displaying Math on the web 3 comments Mathematics, Web development
Hit the penguin 19 comments Misc. links
SimCity 4 and SimCity Classic 1 comment Misc. links
Same but new keyboard, lovely change Mathematics
Photojournalism on the former Soviet block Misc. links
Effects of LSD on drawing 89 comments Misc. links
Quick URLs for some pages This site
Ugliest site of the month Web development
China, being trained in prosecution by Sweden Sweden, Politics
Lost In Translation Film
Pholph's Scrabble Generator 1 comment Misc. links
So vivid dreams I couldn't get out! Wondering
Recon - Regular Expression Test Console Python
Printer friendly and PDF version of every page This site
Crontab wizard 2 comments Linux
About page finally written This site
"It's just a website" by Tom Smith Web development
eBay and freedom to sell whatever you like Misc. links
How old is Bettys dad? Mathematics
PythonPoint Python
Creating a user for postgresql 2 comments Linux
Vivisimo - clustered searching 1 comment Misc. links
Photos from Mars Photos
US Zip codes 1 comment Misc. links
Yo-Yo Misc. links
Back in town and not so ready for exams 1 comment
December 2003
Two exams on the same day Mathematics
A jerk with a good website 1 comment Politics
Off to Sweden! 1 comment Sweden
A nice and simple article about Zope Zope
LOTR - Return of the King Film
Adaptation Film
ESI and Squid and Zope This site
International Snow Sculpture Championships 2 comments Misc. links
Happy Birthday to me!
"Historisk Guide till England" 1 comment Books
Man arrested for spamming Misc. links
Nintendo emulator online in Java 5 comments Misc. links
Back online This site
The Linux Cookbook 1 comment Linux
Amazon.co.uk Top Reviewers 4 comments Misc. links
Bad news for Stockholm Politics
Mr. Picassohead Misc. links
Case study where Python was the final choice Python
Moscow Metro 1 comment Misc. links
November 2003
The Pentagon is big, very big 1 comment Misc. links
Py2TeX Python
More terrible album covers Misc. links
London underground map in 3D 13 comments Misc. links
Back from the competition Kung Fu
Kung Fu competition 1 comment Kung Fu
New phone, same number Mobile
3D Sidewalk Paintings 7 comments Misc. links
Google search terms This site
Old motel postcards in the US Misc. links
SpamBayes and SSL thanks to Stunnel
Happy Birthday Malin! 1 comment Family
Matrix ASCII animated! 2 comments Misc. links
Zolera SOAP Infrastructure 1.4 1 comment Python
Recipe of creating the best paper plane 1 comment Misc. links
The worst jobs in science Misc. links
Amazon Marketplace - an odd update Misc. links
Amazon Marketplace - great web app Misc. links
Naughty but very happy
This Is Broken Misc. links
Worst Album Covers Ever Misc. links
Hubbell and Hubbell Misc. links
The Matrix Revolutions, naive but spectacular Film
Python for .NET Python
Parrot; CLR for the poor man Python
The end of the world, a scenario 17 comments Politics
Ever wondered how much $87 Billion is? 1 comment Politics
CSS Zen Garden 3 comments Misc. links
October 2003
PLEAC Misc. links
Kung Foo Misc. links
Tangram Mathematics
One hot ear 1,295 comments Kung Fu
Sand java applet Misc. links
Search Inside the Book 1 comment Misc. links
Programmers Block 2 comments
Man jailed for smuggling eight snakes in trousers Sweden
Kill Bill vol. 1 2 comments Film
Sony Ericsson P900 1 comment Misc. links
Systembolaget under pressure
Nice date input 8 comments Zope
My breakfast This site
New feature: RSS feed This site
Data Structures and Algorithms in Python 1 comment Books
Who's who in the 'axis of evil' Politics
Web design practices Misc. links
Loadtesting this site and compare with static Apache 1 comment This site
2 Years later Kung Fu
Once upon a time in Mexico Film
Geography: The lost world Misc. links
"Sweden and Denmark top in quality of life" 5 comments Misc. links
Trippy photo 1 comment Misc. links
Cartoons on Aljazeera.net 1 comment Misc. links
Why You Should Switch to the Mozilla Firebird browser 1 comment Misc. links
Really really shitty webdesign Misc. links
First day back at university Mathematics
September 2003
Google News Alerts (BETA) Misc. links
Crazy about Linux Misc. links
Wow! Latest Plone sprint Zope
MOHO at Restaurant show photo This site
Cheer for Swedish coders Misc. links
Funny Dilbert for mathematicians Mathematics
Best in Show, really funny 2 comments Film
Good summary about Ricardo Semler 1 comment Misc. links
New search feature on this site 1 comment This site
City of God 1 comment Film
Perfect parking formula Mathematics
Great article about writing games with Python Misc. links
Google as calculator Misc. links
August 2003
Photos from Cornwall camp 2003 Kung Fu
On training camp for a week Kung Fu
Some new Kung Fu photos 2 comments Kung Fu
The Seven-day Weekend 12 comments Books
Whale Rider Film
Terminator 3 Rise of the machines 1 comment Film
July 2003
How to not get any spam
Squid now working in front of my Zope Zope
Back from my holidays Sweden
Fishing photos from last year Photos
On holiday for a week
Some new Kung Fu photos 2 comments Kung Fu
Last grading result 1 comment Kung Fu
Ang Lee slow motion but not Misc. links
Exam results arrived today Mathematics
Lots of little Agent Smiths 1 comment Misc. links
The "omit-tag" tag 1 comment Zope
Fry-IT people picture Work
June 2003
First news item of the new webpage