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I believe that the London Review of Books is a magazine that is also a physical bookshop and a pretty well crafted website. Anywho, on their website they have personal ads that are quite different from the usual personal ads you flick past in newspapers. These are written and read by sophistos who read the London Review of Books.

Many of them are just as intimate and randy as any other personal ads except they're then often written with wit and/or humor. Have a look at some of these:

"Woman, 36. Likes anagrams, crosswords, logic puzzles and screwing with your head. It’s not that I don’t like you. Box no. 08/04"

"Woman, 43, would like to meet a man – any man – whose evolutionary path isn’t that of Homer Simpson. Suspecting that’s too difficult, I may go lesbian. Box no. 08/10"

"Massive-breasted heiress, 38, seeks witty Nobel-awarded intellectual beef-cake gardener-chef-poet with stonking pecs. Like me, you are dynamic, hilarious, serious, ironic, passionate, practical, affectionate, kind, funny, have most of your own legs, and are startled to find yourself still cruising the aisles of the Lurve Bazaar. Unlike me, you don’t exist. Am I right? If so, will consider any M who can make conversation, sense, a living, friends, four cooked meals, hot love and me laugh. Box no. 07/01"

"There’s enough lithium in my medicine cabinet to power three electric cars across a sizeable desert. I’m more than aware that this isn’t actually a selling point, but nonetheless it’s my favourite statistic about me. Man, 33 – officially Three Cars Crazy. Box no. 07/10"


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