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19 December 2004   0 comments   Zope

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I ran into trouble with a Zope class that inherits from OFS.Folder.Folder (the classic Folder class). My class is a bit special since it's acting both as a non-folderish document like object but still needs to contain other objects such as images and file attachments. The class had a method called index_html which looked something like this:

def index_html(self, REQUEST, **kw):
    """ return something"""
    return self.something

The problem was that if I create one of these instances with the id index_html it simply could not be viewed. What I had to do was to use the __call__() function on my class. That is apparently how Zope figures out which document to show/call. Now my class had this instead:

def __call__(self, REQUEST, **kw):
    """ wrap view() """
    return self.view(self.REQUEST, **kw)

def view(self, REQUEST, **kw):
    """ return something"""
    return self.something

That took care of my problems and now the parent instances could instantly view my document like instances called index_html.

So, for the next time; use __call__() instead of index_html().


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