3D Sidewalk Paintings

20 November 2003   7 comments   Misc. links


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3D Sidewalk Paintings Some impressive 3D sidewalk paintings. Must be said that some these don't look half as nice as it does at a certain angle.

I hope to see some of these on the streets of London soon.

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this is amazing! by the way, do you have any idea where this from? ;)
I have no idea.
As anybody seen these in real life?
I had no idea, but when I put "3d sidewalk paintings" in Google, I came up with this:
Well, that's exactly what this page is about.
This is information on the painting above:

Dies Ira
Original Composition
Mantova, Italy 1985
You can find fact investigations on Snopes.com.... these are real.
its juilian beever....
more here
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