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Authentic Locations It was actually launched a few weeks ago I think, but I haven't checked it out till now. Authentic Locations is a website where my kung fuing friend Marcos Theodosiou rents out holiday houses on Crete. This stunning website was created by Swede UK (a London based web design company) whom I also know. Swede has done several design jobs in partnership with my company, Fry-IT so I know Petter and David personally. They're really good and I would genuinely recommend them if you need some web design done.

I've been to Crete twice, on weeklong kung fu camps (some photos from the last one), and I can promise that it is as beautiful as the pictures on this site shows. Both times I went to the little town of Vamos which is not by the ocean but also not near to any noisy tourists (apart from ourselves).

So if you're interested in going to Greece, Cyprus or Malta this summer: don't. Go to Crete instead and with my personal recommendations I recommend that you have a serious think about booking with Authentic Locations.

At the time of writing this there seens to be something wrong with the domain name. It appears to be using a stealth forwarding instead of a proper domain name. Surely they're just working on that. The design is great except that it's widthlimited even though it's not a textual site. Something I like especially about the design is how they managed to make the header and footer image backgrounds melt into the rest of the design. Something I failed miserably with on www.issuetrackerproduct.com

It's very sweet of Swede UK to have "designed with love by swede" in the footer.


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