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Another brownie point for Django I've been working with Django a lot lately and while I can't contribute to the code base until my project is done, I can contribute money.

Been browsing the Django mailinglist and found this guy (link above) and some other people saying they're willing to donate money towards the OS effort that is Django. That's nuts and is a failed practice but it does mean a lot. Zope had this about 4-5 years ago too but that was then. Clearly the heat is all on Django (and Rails admittedly) at the moment. Well done to all involved!

I've been doing quite a bit of Django this weekend and this instant quick rush I got from getting started has gone off and now starts to become just normal trudging. At the moment it's the templating language that annoys the hell out of me.

In conclusion: Today Django won another point in the race for my attention.


Julio Schwarzbeck (Speedbird)

Totally agree with you there, I decided to take on django head-on, Zope is literally dying here in "america" (Read: USA), which is a pity, and Zope3 is not making things easier for the few zopistas left in this part of the world, I see Django being what zope should've became after 2.7, embracing a more pythonic approach (yes Zope3, I know.. but I have one word: ZCML), ZERO (or almost nonexistent) black magic and the phenomenal database API (something that if you come from the old zope school, you'll be pretty reluctant to adopt) provided, along with the ton of (useful) middleware, I am just sad. no. wait.. happy.

I do agree that the templating engine is kinda sucky (but so they say about "our" choice of TAL), I guess it'll just be a matter of getting used to. Cheers.

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