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Acid trip I can't guarantee the validity of this experiment, but it sure is unusual. They give a poor subject LSD in doses and has the subject to draw to see the effects.

"These 9 drawings were done by an artist under the influence of LSD
part of a test conducted by the US government during it's dalliance with psychotomimetic drugs in the late 1950's. The artist was given a dose of LSD 25 and free access to an activity box full of crayons and pencils."

If this experiment really happened, then what are the ethical implications of this today?


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LSD is wonderful.


yes, it realy happend...

and it was the idea of the goverment...

btw; meghan.. you'r right


yes LsdIS aweSome! perfecT FoR poEtry (enhanced my arTisticabilIites!!) :P :D :)


Acid Is disgusting...Ur gonna hallucinate when u get older from taking it???And ima laugh at u too..


learn to spel illitterate


no, you are retarded, you assuming bitch!!!! read up on a drug before you start to dis it faggot!!!!


Seriously, that's one of the stupidest comments I've read here.


I can tell from this you never used it, do so before talking bullshit.
I do not recommend anyone to use lsd but it has learned me valueable things and has been a usefull tool for me and is also responsible for several of the best moments in my life.
Also it solely has mental risc, wich tho schouldnt be ignored.
If used wisely it can be a relatively safe drug.
Without ever having tripped, i wouldn't enjoy life like i do now and still dont really like it.
And no i dont mean by that i'm only happy when drugged, i really like being alive on itself now and have become a mentally stabler person.
The way it alters one's concicousness makes it a usefull tool for psychiatry and the expanding of one's mind.
Acid is a powerfull and wonderfull drug that deserves respect like no other.
But remember kids, make sure you are mentally strong and wise enough for it before you use psychedelics and most of all, be very sure you really want to - read a book about the stuff or so.

Guillermo Garcia

Well I'll tell you something from experience I took before and it made me laugh and that's all I could do I can't stop laughing then every time I would lay down my head will spin who's been so fast I have to get up cuz I was getting dizzy and nothing I drink beer like if it was water and I don't think I will never recommend this kind drug if your not strong minded, but that drug doesn't hit everybody the same !!


Ive never tried LSD but im trying to get a hold on it. Does anyone know the price?


15 bucks a tab


Lucky! is $40- $50 in my country


haha where i am its a standard of 5-10 dollars ea, 10 for the usually more potent (blotter) and 5 (sometimes 10) for the microdots (weaker)


i got a bucket full of liquid lsd that i'm about to dunk my head into....so, i guess that i'll see you guys later!!!! (i also have some lsd "pure" crystals) i think i might put them on my Wheaties!!!!


you are the luckyest person alive. T_T


So Proffesor Autumn if you told us to eat your shit because it is good for us should we do it?, in this instance about your 'theory' of acid making us hullucinate when you get older. You have no idea what your talking about, go do some research. Oh and we're already laughing at you so spare that thought.


i love acid


same ere


So do I.

Katie Manning

December 6, 2005:
The experiment on the artist was crazy!!!!! And its actually proven that just nine hits of lsd and your concidered clinically insane, but then again that would be if the acide isn't pure and also how much of it that you take at once. the only real problem is that acide is just an immitation of phsychosis and later on in these days you could experince "flashbacks" of bad trips but also good ones so its a give and take.


u guys are sick!! the only reason to take drugs or drink to get drunk is because u cant have fun sober....pathetic!


Actually, the first time I tried Marajuana I had never even been drunk... I was curious as to how it fealt, and knew I didn't have to worry about overdoing it like alcohol. Now I smoke it regularly because I like the feeling of being high...It has nothing to do with a distaste for sobriety or inability to enjoy myself during sobriety. Open your mind retard.


u dont live in the real world or are just an asshole who doesnt no what fun is


i can have great fun when im sober
when on lsd i the fun i have is multiplied by 1000
i get more inspiration and creativity
i become smarter and resolve psychological problems
and when the effects are over i still feel a lot better then before
one day of tripping learns me more then months of being sober
also it seems to be months at a high enough dose
been sober for months, without the psychedelics i used before those months wouldnt be that good as they are now
so why would i be sober all the time if life can be even a lot better? good doesnt mean good enough


fuck you


fuck your mum shes on crack


na u stupid prick i take it cause im depressed


Don't do acid if you're depressed.


except that lsd resembles chemicals produced naturally by your brain, mainly dmt which plays a large part in the process of dreaming. this tends to mean that it doesn't work to well for people trying to avoid things, a habit many people use drink and drugs for, but it actually increases your awareness of your emotional state which can lead to a greater connection with yourself even after the chemical has worn off


a.) Acid is interesting. I don't recommend making it a habit, but if you want to trip, drop a tab and you're on your way down the rabbit hole. Just do it in safe surroundings with people who care about you.

b.) Flashbacks usually only occur after repeatedly using acid. People who rarely use it really shouldn't worry about this.

c.) This is the correct spelling of illiterate. And on a personal note, if you're going to slam someone for incorrect spelling and/or grammar, make sure yours is flawless. Just a thought.

d.) I'm a pothead. I go through approximately $200 of weed per week. I toast a couple bowls three to four times a day. I don't think it's pathetic at all. I can be sober and have fun, but I love being high. Obviously, you either haven't tried it or just prefer other methods of entertainment. That's cool, but stop playing the fucking shrink.

d.) I'M DROPPING TWO PILLS TONIGHT! WOO! I guess only someone who has rolled would understand. I'm stoked.

luke drumond

mallory ur a drop kick stoner.. you are the reason why this world is where it is today. fu.k you.
'I guess only someone who has rolled would understand' sorry but i dont want to join you freeky elite club you toss.


That's ridiculous. I have a 4.0 GPA at a four-year university, majoring in political science. I'm thinking about becoming a photojournalist. I work full time, I have a serious boyfriend, and I plan on reproducing dope-ass kids. All in all, I think I'm a decent cog in our vast machine of society.

By the way, your grammar is horrible. Funny, I can manage a fruitful life, use proper english, AND still be a pothead. Well, it suits me fine. Peace.


Mallory FTW :). You're awesome!


luke u bag of shite wake up and smell the chemicals. this is the modern world people who take drugs arnt considered losers. the people that dont now a days are hhaha


thats ridiculous. look into what your saying before you say it


"you are the reason why this world is where it is today."

i'm pretty sure this world is fucked up for a lot of reasons, none of them being because mallory, or anyone, is a stoner.


how do you sleep at night? do you even pay rent? $200 a week? i think that is a little far fatched there....how much do you make and why do you waste it all on weed...you need to do some blow!!!! now thats one hell of a drug!!!




a)Save surroundings is important. I don't recommend peaking when you're in the mountains--did it yesterday and got stalked by a Vulture.

b) Flashbacks aren't how most people perceive them--in fact, most "flashblacks" are actually you just recongnizing something you observed on acid.

c) Bravo.

d) You're better off findng some mushrooms--pills are dirty.


That's ridiculous. I have a 4.0 GPA at a four-year university, majoring in political science. I'm thinking about becoming a photojournalist. I work full time, I have a serious boyfriend, and I plan on reproducing dope-ass kids. All in all, I think I'm a decent cog in our vast machine of society.

By the way, your grammar is horrible. Funny, I can manage a fruitful life, use proper english, AND still be a pothead. Well, it suits me fine. Peace.

youze are crazy

Right on Mallory, I'm about to graduate with a 3.5 from college, I manage my own business, and own a home and YES I am a everyday stoner. Did I mention I'm only 22?


I see at least Some of the people in here are Not so moronic after all ✌️


"You are the reason why this world is where it is today. fu.k you [...] sorry but i dont want to join you freeky elite club you toss [sic]" Wow, you don't think that it's because the majority of people aren't adept enough to translate their thoughts into tangible sentences? Back off of Mallory, she is obviously taking care of herself well. Whiners who complain about problems with the world without embodying their own cause is a little more to blame for the state of society, I do believe.


5 bucks a tab vegas


acids pretty awesome and its like 5-8 bucks for a good hit

be careful how many you take i dont suggest more than 5 unless youre ready for one hell of a trip

watch the sunrise on it


"Watch the Sunrise"?
As if you had the choice. ;P


About the Drawings experiment though, is there anything else like this out there. This one was a bit bland. And i can still sense the overtone of 1950's drug paranoia . Did the gov't ever compile a full studies review of LSD, if so where could this be found?


yeah post a link i need to see more drawing done under the influnce like pro studies


Halfway done reading that article (link above^). The CIA in the 1950's sounded like a dam funhouse. lol. Wonder if agents still have to pass the LSD test??


Acid Min of 3 hits of paper tabs then 1 every 1-3 hours, depends on price, microdots are less, like 5-8, tabs 10-15, etc. To actually "trip" 4 min. The term trip is funny. You go to the store, and it takes 30 mins for a group of 5 to get ready, (and saying lets go to the store gets very boring after the first 15 times in half an hour.) Then go to the store, and hear a friend say, WHERE IS EVERYONE WTF WTF where am I. That's trippin, aight b? Shrooms are similar, but feel more natural, you need a 1/4 min, 1/8 at once, then 1/8 when coming down. Then addtional 1/8s throughout the weekend, so prolly 3/4 to an ounce of shrooms. (I'm talkin a weekend trip, friday 7pm to sunday 9pm.) To the point where 1 min is an hour and an hour is 1 min at the same time, ya know what I mean :-D Things repeat, things repeat, things repeat. :-D You do see things, but you have to try acid/shrooms to understand :-D 19, graduated 2nd in class (highschool), plans for college, full fledged pothead, 200 dollars a week at one time, now around 100 dollars, buddies match, so prolly still 200+ a week. It's not hard. Just be smart with your drugs, have fun! (Notice: Everything is based on Experience, not fictional or made up in any way, government can suck my nutt sack for banning drugs like MaryJane. EAT MY NUTTS Have a nice day.)


To all the people that think weed and LSD are abominations:
a)It would lower drug crime if it was legal
b)Helps cancer patients
c)Alcohol has more physical, psychoactive and emotional effects that marijuana
d)Nowhere in the bible does it discourage marijuana use
e)I'm an "A" average college student at Boulder University and I jog 5 miles and go to the gym every day and I also smoke three to four times a day.
f)I wrote my own theory on Quantum Mechanics for a class, aced it, and got a personal phone call from my professor congratulating me on it. I wrote it while on 3 hits of LSD.


your the shit


i completely agree with Grant


Now just imagine what you could do without the drugs. People like you are a disgrace to society. The average person can only read at a 5th grade level because your average is not high enough to make it to the next grade. I am so proud of you. How do we even know you are telling the truth. People that use drugs are compulsive liars also. I want to see this theory on quantum mechanics. 90 % of the people in the world do not even know what that is. By the way do you really expect to be that smart after 20 years of doing that shit. Well I guess the smarter you are the less common sense you have. The bible does not promote putting foreign substances into your body for recreational use. The body is suppose to be a temple. When do you find the time to smoke all this pot. I believe the pot I smoked made me develop symptoms of depression, anxiety, paranoia, bi-polar disorder, ocd, and many other things. When a chemical changes the way the brain perceives things, it is bound to alter it little by little, until it is different. The point is if you want to do drugs go right ahead. Maybe you are the ones who need enlightened. A person does not need drugs to feel the effects it is just the easy way to feel them. It is called meditation, read up on it.


some people can handle it, some cant. who are we to judge or decide wat he puts into his body if it hurts no one else but himself? if u feel that u developed sympoms from weed, it was wise for u to quit. many many many people CAN handle weed and carry on normal and successful lives. In my case, im excelling my grade level after smoking pot for a year and a half, why? i stay focused, and remember its just a substance, i in the end control my actions or outlook to school and work. actually, to be honest, my school and my job work have improved dramatically... i think its because i try to focus harder to make up for the fact i smoke pot every day. haha w/e


LSD is something of vast potential. . .but for what, exactly, I cannot say.

About 1959 Cary Grant said that he had done more living after taking acid than all his previous years put together.

The stuff is powerful enough that if someone has troubles, it can push them over the edge. Maybe with no return.

When Albert Hoffmann (first chemist to synthesize it) took his first intentional dose, it was enough for quite a few hits; he had no idea how potent it was. He tripped his ass off, and he was afraid he would never come down. In other words, he took way too much.

But his doctor found no physical evidence of any change at all--his respiration, blood pressure and heart rate were all normal--except for one thing: Hoffmann's pupils were dilated. That was pure LSD-25, at a major dosage.

Well, it's been almost 30 years since I have done any acid, and one reason is that I never had anything that clean. Of course, who knows who made the stuff we got on the black market? Our hearts pounded for many hours, our jaws would grind, we'd sweat a lot: more like speed than LSD. What the hell was really in it? Maybe those tales of strychnine were true.

It is NOT for general consumption, but I have a strong hunch that there are indeed fundamental therapeutic applications for real LSD in proper doses, in the proper settings. The abandonment of all organized research into the stuff was a gross overreaction.


LSD is overwhelming and the best drug ever


"u guys are sick!! the only reason to take drugs or drink to get drunk is because u cant have fun sober....pathetic! "

I’m 17, a bit of a stoner. But I have plenty of fun being sober, thank you very much. I also have fun being fucked off my face. Taking drugs is a choice I make for myself, to alter my state of mind, to look at life, and at myself from a different perspective. I don't think I have ever decided to do drugs because I was bored of being sober. Most weekends I will drop 4-5 pills or bomb a 1/4g of MDMA, snort a few lines..because I love it..however, some weekends I do just say "Fuck it, let's be sober this weekend." I like it my way. You like it your way. It's a personal choice so there's no need to criticise anyone, especially when it sounds like you're not even willing to be open minded about it.


And also, Mallory, you seem like you've got your head sorted..snorted..teleported. Basically you know what you're talking about, you seem pretty fucking cool.
Take care guys.


I've used acid a lot, 2 to 3 times a week for a year and a half when i was 18 and believe me.... it's bad for you. You totally can't be sure if you gonna have a nice trip or if your gonna go mad... i'm over 30 now and still have flashbacks, so you guys do what you want but in my opinion it's poison.. The funniest trips i had where the two first times, so my tought is: try it and quit.


No offense, but I find it hilarious when someone goes way overboard with drug use and then claims IT'S BAD FOR YOU!
Acid 2-3 times a week? Come on, now that's just irresponsible, overindulgent, and well, kind of stupid. Obviously, if you're not going to do drugs in moderation like a mature adult then it won't be very good for you. People who don't respect drugs for the powerful substances that they are and instead treat it like candy are the ones who give responsible drugs users a bad name.


Btw, if your not sure about it, read the articles about HPPD on the net.. then maybe you won't even try it...
Have fun


well this is probably the coolest stuff ive ever seen on the internet. your all my goods


2-3 times a week?
basically...holy shit..yeh my uncle did it a fair few times when he was my age, and hes just recently recovered from manic depression..and psychosis i do believe..
ive done it twice now..cant lie, ill probably do it again but not anytime soon...yeh youd think after my uncle id leave the shit alone but meh..i prefer to find things out for myself...but yeh i agree..try it if you want..but dont make a habit out of it like its fucking pot..to be honest one thing thats really pissing me off is that my friends seem to be doing that at the moment..fiending..doing shitloads of acid and ketamine everyday...i dont have a problem with drugs..well i love drugs..but i have a problem with wrecklessness when it comes to drugs..if you dont watch what youre doing or if you dont look after yourself, DRUGS WILL FUCK YOU OVER...when we're all fucked on mdma or whatever, im always the one running around "have you (gguuuurrrn) gone for a weeee baby, (guuurrrn) have you emptired your bladder? you havent(guuurrrnnn)?? well bloody well go for a piss then"..little bit fussy but hey, gets the job done cos they can never be fucked to look after themselves..
fuck i ramble..


Sooo... I think anyone who has never done LSD. can not comment on it. Because it is nothing short of an experience, that i personally believe everyone should experience once in there life. It's one of those things that makes you see the world in a whole different way you never knew exisisted... and if you do decide to try lsd.. do it with people you love, because odds are you will just end up loving them even more! **peace n love!


o and if anyone wants to have a crazy experience.. dose (take lsd)... and then eat shrooms... i did that before homecoming my senior year. And it was AMAZING!


Pros: a lasting, profound sensation
Cons: mental illness

But don't listen to me or anyone else here--LSD or Ecstacy are worth looking up for yourself before trying them because their possible links to mental illness and brain damage are still being researched.


Dude that’s life what idiots to much water can kill you to much stress to much sun if life has a balance find it because u think you can tell some what to do mother your now better y’all needed more ass whooping and it show been smoking when since I was 18 took acid a couple time mushroom dmt of by the way all phys never thought about a pill or a syringe barley Even drink a beer but so just keep listen to the lies you were told your whole life I ya can spell or make good sentence and by the way u dare mother fucks I never could so get off me And do you some research not thought by the government lol like a fuck president your vote just bring in one side of the coin and the other side has to wait 4 years.


all the people on this web site are a bunch of fucking drug taking faggots yall need to get a fucking life all of you get off you fucking asses and get a job oh you guys do drugs you must be real cool kids you fucking bitchs


and obviously dylan doesn't think he's cool at all, at the end of the day if you haven't done drugs you are in NO position to judge anyone who has, you're just another braindead moron who can't think for himself and believes all the governments exaggerated health warnings like a robot


And we wonder what is wrong with people today. All the shootings and rage. Pediophiles Yeah i want to see the world in a different way, just not the way you want to. Why don't you asses taking these drugs put your minds to something more useful and help society instead of worrying about your next fucking high. That's why taking drugs makes society worse off. People are so worried about not being here they don't realize what's going on around them. I do believe drugs have a link to a the fucked up things that happen in this world. It's called ego boundaries and no one has them anymore. Look at the way marijuana makes you feel and look at the symptoms of a schizophrenic or someone with a anxiety disorder. You take drugs for fun then end up on drugs to fix you. Drugs to fix you are not fun. They make you see what is actually happening in the world and in your life. They make you rationialize. It takes courage to actually live life not on drugs. You get to see what is really going on. And learn how to deal with feelings and other people. Drugs isolate people to confinements within themselves. That is the last thing this world needs another anti-social freak. Before you start taking drugs deal with real life first. That's is when you learn to be happy without drugs and deal with things that are real. and before you critize my typing or english fuck you. At least my brain is still intact and functioning on the 10% it is suppose to.


well chell, congratulations. you've pinned it. everyone involved in shootings and everyone with your so-called "rage" are all on drugs. you get an F+ for the day and an F- in life. why don't we help society? possibly because most of society is made up of people like you that would rather stick to their own opinions of things than ever even think about listening to somebody else's views. maybe you should actually try the reliable mary jane, cause if you did, maybe you would realize that being stoned is nothing like being schhizophrenic from what we understand of it. acid, in my opinion, has more of a coralation to mental illness than marijuana. next time, get your drugs straight. i find it funny that the people taking all of these "damaging substances" are the ones who are speaking correct english and spelling correctly. what chell here doesn't seem to realize is that we don't take drugs to "escape from our horrible reality." anyone who does that, especially with lsd, has a very bad experience waiting for them. we like taking drugs because they are fun. maybe you should try them chell. you seem like you could use a little loosening up. but of course, i wouldn't know anything about you or "loosening up" because, as i take drugs, i am an "anti-social freak." and before you start talking about using the "10% of your brain that you're supposed to," maybe you should examine yourself and find out if you actually are. hell, try a hit or two of acid. you could re-examine the universe. maybe then you would finally realize that most of us are in a sound mental place and deal with things that are real quite frequently. in fact, it is generally quite dangerous to take drugs if you ARE mentally unstable. that is not to say that people don't, but it is frowned upon more often than not. try using that "10%" of your brain that you are supposedly using to dig through your wallet, pull out 30 dollars, ask somebody where you could score some acid, and find out what you are dissing. as a last thought here, it doesn't take "courage" to live your life without drugs. you make it sound like people are assaulting you on every street corner offering you and tempting you with all sorts of "treachery." if you ask me, it takes some ammount of courage to actually try a drug like lsd, as you don't know what is going to happen. the day that you find somebody who is not a recovering drug addict, but just a normal person that is called "brave" for not using drugs, you go ahead and tell me and i will gladly go about my way with this new information added to my brain's "storage room." do you know why i will do this gladly? because i am openminded and i don't think that every problem in the world is caused by people who use drugs. do you know why i don't think this? because i am of the opinion that people should listen to one another and learn something from this life past the age of 12 when they were indoctrinated by everyone they knew to believe that drugs were the devil. good day to you chell, and have a good time "dealing with things that are real." let me know how that works out for you.



oh, and i just read chell's other fun little comment. just to let everybody else know out there, "people that use drugs are compulsive liars also." well chell, since you hinted at the fact that you have smoked weed, that makes you a compulsive liar as well. so why don't we all just admit that chell seems prone to gross exaggerations. by the way chell, your little 5th grade reading level theory isn't all that well thought out. in fact, some of the most well read people i know, including myself, use drugs fairly regurally. try reading Faust. or maybe The Divine Comedy. i would LOVE to see the look on your face if you ever came face to face with my library. There are books on my shelves by authors that have shit more knowledge away than you will ever possess in your life. And if you ever decide to pick up a good book written BY AN AUTHOR WHO USED QUITE A FAIR SHARE OF DRUGS, try One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest by Ken Kesey. It is considered quite a masterpiece. it may especially blow your mind that he wrote this book after many years of taking some very heavy drugs. if anyone out there wants an especially good read, try The Tibbetan Book of the Dead. it is amazing. oh, and chell? all of those symptoms of mental disorders that you developed? that was your brain trying to make you kill yourself for losing whatever semblance of intelligence you had to begin with. good day.



This should be printed and posted in a picture frame. Take a bow, kid. You deserve it.

Chell, the shining personification of all that is good and holy, admitting to taking drugs while pulling the Bible card in the span of two sentences speaks wonders about that 10% brainpower of yours. The seriousness is not getting through to me.

Comparing drug symptoms to mental illnesses will not win you any fans, either. Your constant references to illnesses like OCD and bi-polar disorder causes me to wonder if you are implying the cause of disorders is drug abuse, which is unmoral and untrue. I use marijuana because of the fact I am clinically depressed, and not the other way around. Dealing with the world is SEVERELY impaired when you see life through my eyes - the pessimism makes human nature like socializing and coping difficult, if not impossible to attempt. So before you start throwing philosophical bullshit around, think about sending the message across without sounding like a cocky prick.

My two cents goes: drugs have been and could always be around because society's standards of today are stripping us from the joys of human life. It keeps us in constant fear of being broke - there is no excitement in a work-sleep-repeat lifestyle, but we are forced to since, after all, you only have a voice when you have a large wallet. Drugs, as they say, "smooth out those edges" on reality. If we were merely born to be an emotionless function, then why is an escape from that mindset a bad thing?


If you still read these comments. Please Read my comment & read the high level of intelligent rebuttal I received for my it. Which goes to show every word that you, myself & anyone else that has a sense of intelligence that has done drugs, know what the fuck we are talking about & they (who haven't done anything) have no argument. Because they don't know SHIT! My wife has never done any drugs or smoked anything, & she will always say "I don't know, so I can't say." She took health occupations in high school, & doesn't try to make hypothesis on things she has no knowledge of, there for makes her intelligent for faking what she has no experience at. So please people don't try to sound educated in a field you know NOTHING about! Know your facts before you open your face!

DarkSky48- Hats off to you, wish I had the vocabulary you do, well said & thought out, & thank you for putting a educated idiot in her place.
By the way I don't read, But I do know the movie of One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest is a fuckin' awesome flick! Same for you Sinquisition, well said.


everything is just... better on acid... your mr or mrs million bucks. yes it can be bad if fucking used 2 or 3 times a week but fuck man who wants to trip for that often week it would get boring...oh ya, and for all those people against the good ol jane, toke up pussies:P


i just recently had the most crazy experience on lsd. i took 3 blotters while at my freinds 30 acre property and man it was insane. it seemed as if the trees were melting at times. i also saw things like in a slow mo vision. all in all i believe that iti is what it is and you make it what you make it. lsd is not for everyone. some people just can't stand to lose controll over every little thing in their life but what they fail to realize is that you can't controll everything. to try and do so is pure idiosy all that will be achieved by this is more stress and problems in your life. enjoy your life with or without drugs but whatever you do leave other people out of it. my buisiness is mine yours is yours quit being so damn nosy. if people wouldn't try to get involved in other peoples affairs when their advice or oppinions arn't welcome the world would be a much better place. quit blaming the drugs for the problems of the world and start blaming the corrupt polititions and police and any other person in power who abuses it for their own purposes. i may not be the most book smart person but i enjoy my life. i smoke weed on a regular bases i use lsd and shrooms every once in a while and i do cocain every once in a while{when i can find shit that isn't cut real bad} does this make me a bad person? i don't care what you think so you decide....one love


acid is not for the faint of heart. these beautiful drawings make my toes curl. rock on acid experiments. it's what i'm going to college for. has acid inspired anyone else's careers??


Seem a lot of people are uneducated idiots & make false presumptions about things before they know their facts. Like Autumn & some one said about you don't know how to have fun just being sober. I say morons! I haven't toked-up or taken a hit in about 18 years. Not because I didn't like it, but I had kids. Didn't feel comfortable with the thought of my daughter sharing what her daddy does with the class & her having to say " My daddy is serving 5-10 for possession with intent to sell!" Not a positive visual. But that's just me. Some of my friends still do, & I don't care. I quit not because I DIDN'T HAVE FUN (stupid!), but because I CHOSE to, I still drink a little, & I do mean a LITTLE! About twice every other month. No time to. For another thing I do agree "gange" should be legalized. Less populated prisons, companies would make profit on it, because as it stands, the underground is still making a killing on it.
Get your facts straight before you run your mouth, cuz us " burnouts" just gave you an education!


fuck off


WOW! Such a thought out response! I'm so offended & intimidated


Im so pissed of people who talk about drugs without having any personal experience.. Most of people having an illussion of "Stoned people with guns starting wars and destroying the society" Thats not true. I personally dont have much of drug history, i do smoke pot regularly. ive never tried acid, but theres one thing i know: most of hallucinogen drug users are smart and talented people, because if you are stupid or lacking imagination you wont be able to enjoy the drug so much. To me pot is more like "inspiration booster", as i play in band and enjoy drawing and writing. And about that "helping society" thing... guys after all were all here for ourselves, by ourselves...its important that community works, but thats not our priority in life? thats just the way i see it, im not here to teach anyone how to live. sorry if i offended anyone and sorry about my english, im from finland.


<i>u guys are sick!! the only reason to take drugs or drink to get drunk is because u cant have fun sober....pathetic!</i>
That may the case for some, but it's not like we all have the luxuries in life that you do, if you'd like to hand them over to us, then fine. We'll take them and still smoke weed and take acid. I do know that I can manage well and enjoy life without drugs, but why do that? I don't wanna get old and put through punishment, as I see alot of old people have to go through, it sucks for them. We should be giving old people lots of drugs, and for free too.


I think LSD is a very powerful drug, beneficial if used in the right environment. You have to have a purpose or reason and know why you would want to take such a thing, not because other people suggest that it's mind expanding, 'makes you smarter', or some other disillusion. I took LSD twice and the truth I found from my experiences is that what comes up must come down, and when you go down you must understand how to bounce back, or rebound your mind. If you really want an in-depth version of how LSD can be negative, read Albert Hoffman's LSD: My Problem Child. I don't recommend it to anyone, it's dangerous and alters your perception for better or for worse and is not for fools.


Turn on, tune it, drop out.

I live by it. I'm even getting a massive tattoo of the lsd molecule as a full upper arm sleeve...there are some adjustments being made to the drawing (i.e. flowers, bright colors, certain geometric patterns).

It changes your life, man.

Try it.


*tune in...silly me. It's been a long night.


What it all boils down to is that acid is out there--what the fuck are you going to do about it? If you haven't done acid, then good for you. If you have, then good for you too. Acid has it's pros and cons just like anything else in life from nuclei to electrons. If you're against the use of LSD, be ethical about it, otherwise some of these people you're downgrading might just walk up to you with a 100 hits of "WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON!!!" in a bottle and squirt it all in your eye. So, have fun and don't be a dick, you never know who's got a vial of "have fun with this, asshole" in their pocket. That's reality.

the puddler

oz, feel free to squirt 100 hits in my eye any day, provided it's the fluff. i'll thank you a week later when i can properly talk.

kids, if you want to squirt L in your eye, make sure the stuff is incredibly pure and isn't alcohol-based. otherwise that will be quite the painful experience.

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