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27 January 2010   0 comments   Misc. links


Mind That Age!

This blog post is 8 years old! Most likely, its content is outdated. Especially if it's technical.

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Healing Food Reference Spotted this website called Healing Food Reference which is what the name says; a reference of food and their healing "power". From the home page:

"This site is part of a public education project created by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, and hosted by Truth Publishing. Its purpose is to educate and empower consumers with information they can use to prevent and even help reverse degenerative disease. There are no commercial sponsors of this site, and neither Mike Adams nor Truth Publishing was paid anything to create this site."

Basically click on a type of food, for example tofu and you get a list of things it can help with such as fever and then from the fever page you can more foods that help.

At first I was a bit taken aback by the home page and huge amounts of text on it but once you're in it is so easy to use. Perhaps the reason the home page is jam packed with content is for his search engine optimization.


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