GlobalExpense doesn't work in Firefox

29 April 2010   0 comments   Misc. links

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GlobalExpense doesn't work in Firefox Ever since we started building SnapExpense we ask people we meet how they do their business/travel expenses at their company. Almost always they say their software is annoyingly bad and it's a right pain in the ass to process their expenses. Today I heard another such horror story from a friend about: GlobalExpense ( Apparently it's dreadfully slow to use and it never remembers or adapts to what you have entered previously.

So my friend went to the website on my computer to show me how crap it was but that didn't work because GlobalExpense doesn't work in Firefox! What?! On SnapExpense, about 30% of our visitors use Firefox (with 31% using Internet Explorer).

I'm glad to see that the competition is lagging behind. Gives me heart. Especially as I have recently added Google OpenID log in to SnapExpense so you can log in or register with your Google (or Yahoo! or any OpenID provider) account straight away.


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