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Ugliest e-commerce site of the month - Comfy-Feet This time it's an e-commerce site called Comfy-Feet which seems to have been developed with Frontpage 5.0 and that doesn't surprise me at all.

I remember hearing somewhere that turnover on e-commerce and "good design" don't have any relationship. In other words, just because you're making an e-commerce site prettier doesn't mean you'll sell more. Well, I beg to differ that that rule must have some extreme exceptions.

A few quick things you immediately notice:

  • Why two large Union Jack flags?
  • blue text within black text making you think they're links
  • no consistent layout when you drill down into various pages
  • title tag doesn't even include the word "Comfy-Feet" just "Buy: Shoe Insoles, ..."
  • If you add something to the cart, the click the "Back to store" button they ask you which site you want to go back to.
  • I don't think a single page I clicked on was without error message in the validator

Actually, I feel a bit guilty for complaining about this site since it's probably as far from corporate as possible can be. It was one of few decent sites I even found that sells insoles with a decent range. I just hope these guys didn't pay anybody (lots of money) to work on this. If not, I'm sorry. If so, get a better web designer company next time!


Sheila Brookes

This is the pot calling the kettle black. Your website is just a mish mash
with no clear definitions.

Some Guy

no kidding... complaining about site design is something that a professional web developer should do, not some apparent script kiddie with more time than sense.

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