Even Google is considered spam on Gmail I have all my emails duplicated, one sent to my POP3 box and one to my Gmail account. The POP3 box is checked from home using Thunderbird and when I'm at work I use Gmail. The problem with this set up is that it says, twice, that certain emails are unread which in reality they're not. I can live with this for the moment.

Until the other day I had not been using Thunderbird for a long time and when I returned I had 224 unread filtered messages in my inbox. Most of them I had read already on Gmail but several were new. This alerted me to a big flaw in Gmail: it's anti-spam filter.

At home I use one of the best (read efficient) anti-spam filters available, namely SpamBayes. It rarely fails but a spam message slips through about once or twice per week; and I get a lot of emails. It's very rare that a normal email gets trapped as spam but it has happened.

Today I went through (well, some of it) my Gmail spam folder. It has - at the time of writing this - 1005 unread emails in the last 30 days. In there I found lots of emails that aren't spam. For example credit card receipts from Worldpay, server email warnings, emails from friends, email notifications from some of my sites such as the issuetracker and last but not least: News alerts from Google!

I have never trained my inbox to recognize News alerts from Google as spam. Couldn't Gmail be clever enough to look at who sent email and realized that it's not spam?

In conclusion...
Gmail is a great free service with a wonderful user interface but the anti-spam filter is far too hungry. Unless you check your spam, do, because you might miss lots of important emails.


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Today I say down to go through my 1300 odd spam emails on Gmail. Turned out that 32 of them were not spam and some of them really important and personal. Shape up Gmail!

Tarun Tyagi

I've been using gmail id for my business purpose too as additional email.

i am surprised... it automatically added so many people to my chat list.

Gmail automatically enabled my Chat. my ID was added to some other peoples chat list.

I never check my mails on internet browser and always use outlook. Just that day, i opened my Gmail account i was was surprised to see that...

it is quite unsecure...

Jose Canciani

I think gmail spam filter is working better everyday.
Anyway I still receive too much spam messages and it’s difficult to analize all of them. So I’ve written a couple of PHP script that connects to gmail and reads spam emails data. It stores it in a database table and you can later review it from a webpage with some nice graphics. Check it out here:
Hope you like it.
Jose Canciani.


I found a good tutorial with screenshots at http://www.iopus.com/guides/gmail-spam-filter.htm

shivaji mutkule


M Suresh

my Gmail is trapped by someone and they are deleting all my official mails. and sending me spam mails to my spam with my own mail id? how to restrict this. Due to this i lost my Interview calls.


Did you figure out a solution?

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