- name: Only if auto-merge is enabled
        if: ${{ github.event.pull_request.auto_merge }}
        run: echo "Auto-merge IS ENABLED"

      - name: Only if auto-merge is NOT enabled
        if: ${{ !github.event.pull_request.auto_merge }}
        run: echo "Auto-merge is NOT enabled"

The use case that I needed was that I have a workflow that does a bunch of things that aren't really critical to test the PR, but they also take a long time. In particular, every pull request deploys a "preview environment" so you get a "staging" site for each pull request. Well, if you know with confidence that you're not going to be clicking around on that preview/staging site, why bother deploying it (again)?

Also, a lot of PRs get the "Auto-merge" enabled because whoever pressed that button knows that as long as it builds OK, it's ready to merge in.

What's cool about the if: statements above is that they will work in all of these cases too:

       - main

I.e. if this runs because it was a push to main the line ${{ !github.event.pull_request.auto_merge }} will resolve to truthy. Same if you use the workflow dispatch from workflow_dispatch.


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