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The Holy Bible - A serious case of plagiarism Is the story about Jesus in the bible just a serious case of plagiarism. Yes is the answer if you acknowledge the fact that the story of Horus came first; and that it did.

"Stories from the life of Horus had been circulating for centuries before Jesus birth (circa 4 to 7 BCE). If any copying occurred by the writers of the Egyptian or Christian religions, it was the followers of Jesus who incorporated into his biography the myths and legends of Horus, not vice-versa."

It's quite shocking read actually. I don't believe in the Bible or the character they call Jesus but if I did and studied the story of Horus I'd right now feel pretty damn pranked.


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waste of time

hmmm.. Good luck with that "IF" of yours..


have u watched the movie Zeitgeist? it gives a really good explanation on exactly how plagiarized it is

Peter Bengtsson

I have! It's nuts! Really scary actually. The film isn't very subtle and it talks about all wrongs of the world and not just the christian fools. I wish some non-converted would dare to see that film too.


Saw it studied it and found it to be a work of fiction created by freemasons to delude real truth. And I'm not for 'religion' either, as I have found so much to expose with scripture and false history or edited historical timelines across the board. Just offering a warning, don't just trust the Z movie (or its sequel) as truth for it is a very well-designed and masterful work of psychologically engineered allegory mixed with symbolism twisted to flow as 'truth' but is (and has been) debunkable. It is twisted as a lot of scriptures/religions have done (the freemason cult is no different) with a tiny amount of truth to twist belief as is the FM creed to DECEIVE & hoodwink (even their own). Discern your sources, don't just absorb all. An old phrase comes to mind: "When you cook a chicken you eat the meat and leave the bones.".

Jay Ram

Except one small little detail the sand scripts have been all translated by UCLA and you can go see all of them which are far older then the story of Jesus.... They were not concocted by anyone attempting to deceive anyone. They were alot of the same or near to the same events concocted in the bible. Except which came first, the chicken or the egg. Some of those sand scripts are 20,000 years old. I dare you to go to the UCLA website and see for yourself. Or maybe your one of the ones who's indoctrination is so deeply implanted that even if you were transported to the past and saw for yourself, you still would refuse to accept reality. All religion is a way for Rulers to get people to self control and pay taxes willingly and obey those in charge. Caution once you see the truth it can not be undone. So if you want to live in Jesus fairy tale land do not go seeking the truth because you will find it.....


I have googled and even went to the UCLA website but haven't found it, can you send the link?


I wish I was able to delete this as I take it all back you are correct sir.




The only way to prevent a disease is to kill it at the source, the same can be said of all religions


Can anyone show or prove the story of Horus before the New Testament. In other words, where is the "written text" or any other proof that the story of Horus existed prior to the birth of Jesus? Anyone?


Consider reading the Emerald Tablets by Thoth


You can't prove the story of Jesus either. The oldest book is a copy wriiten well after his death and there are no records of any sort to back it up either


There is quite a difference between the story of Horus and Jesus life.. Horus was born of a goddess where Jesus was born of a virgin (human).. There are too many differences to even say that New Testament was plagiarised of his story.. Also the only info we truly have are hieroglyphics which have been proven many times over to be interpreted wrong for many do not know what all the symbols to be correct.. As a study of anthropology I understand the area where there mistakes can be made.. So to say that their is any correlation between the two.. It is quite the fallacy to follow this train of thought.. :)

Peter Bengtsson

Interesting. Are there any other major differences?

I can see how hieroglyphics can be misinterpreted since they're so different from modern languages. Also, the people who wrote the bible probably weren't inspired by the hieroglyphes; they were probably inspired by the written down interpretation of Horus which is like chinese whispers a bit.

Can you enlighten me as to what this has to do with anthropology?

Dion ermeb

Actually Isis 2as a virgin


It's quite a fallacy to treat the bible as "the book of truth" and talk about it like it's an accurate historical document as well.


just read

Mark Watson

I believe their are a lot of honest sincere atheist and agnostic people who are interested in the truth. Truth is something many people desire. When someone doesn't have a deep understanding of spiritual things, it's easy to find many errors and contradictions, especially if that's your motive. I have many answers to many statements that skeptics use as contradictory, errors, and in this case plagiarism. The Bible has many similar stories to earlier published stories, but that doesn't make it guilty of plagiarism. For example, Adam and Eve obviously told their offspring of the Great Fall, and that story has been passed down from generation to generation. Now whomever has the earliest record it would seem as though they were the authors of the original story, whereas in reality they were the first to record it. So when we see a similar story in another culture and language, it doesn't necessarily mean that they plagiarized, it could just be that they decided to record the story later or maybe they had older manuscripts that were destroyed... This concept is applicable to other stories in the Bible. So if you are a believer, don't defer your faith. And if you don't believe or have doubts it's time to regain your faith. Remember faith is the substance of things Hoped for, evidence of things Unseen and without faith it is impossible to please God, and anything that is not faith is sin (Hebrews chpt. 11).


Do you actually believe Adam and Eve were real?

Mark Watson

Absolutely. I firmly believe it's easier to believe in an always existent God who created us in His image than something coming from nothing and evolving.


I agree, it is easier to believe in a God who magicked everything into existence and is all benevolent, but reality doesn't comply to those rules.
Adam and Eve had two sons, who got married and had children of their own. Except Adam,Eve and and their children were the total sum humans on earth. Who did Cain and Abel marry?
More importantly, I find it very concerning the thing God didn't want Eve to eat was Knowledge.
The human body is so poorly designed, God must be either incompetent or malevolent to design us the way he did. His replication system doesn't even work correctly, as can be shown through genetic diseases, which are the result of the genetic replication failing.
If evolution isn't correct, why is the fossil record full of transitional fossils? If evolution doesn't work, how come modern medicine works? How come the human Genome project found hundred of redundant traits in our DNA?
If anything, I think the biblical view devalues everything humans have achieved. Rather than fighting our way to the top through millions of years of evolution, all our achievements can be attributed to some ethereal being.
But this wasn't what caused me to lose faith. Ironically enough, it was the Bible itself. I've never read a more despicable barbaric book in my life. All of Gods punishments were unfair and his demands ludicrous. Rape a woman, she's now married to you. Work on the sabbath = death. Child argues against parents = death. Claims gays to be evil, well why are they even there in the first place?!
It didn't help that it constantly defied reality. Such as a man surviving in the stomach of a whale for more than three days. ( whales don't produce oxygen in their Stomach)


How would you explain the saving power Grace and healing in the name of Jesus
Vain philosophies,fear
If you didn’t believe in the word of God
Where do you think the laws of
the land originated from
The world would have been more corrupt and perverted
Evil is running rampant today but even when the laws of the land changes people get even more mentally ill,
human trafficking,greed and gluttony etc
Don’t wait too late to make a decision about eternity…..hades or heaven
Man are drawn away about their own thoughts, lust of the flesh, pride of life
Have you noticed even the rich man with his or her wealth cannot saved themselves
There is a void that cannot be satisfied by lust, gluttony, wealth….man forever searching but never come to the knowledge of truth

Michael A Schara

Since you obviously have a degree in Theology from YouTube U, when were you planning on updating the rest of our biblical scholars with the truth?
"...an always existent god"? So when the bible reads "In the beginning..." and claims your god created everything, where can we point our telescopes to see the evidence of his influence in our temporal and physical reality? To pull creation off, god would have to exist outside time and space and thus interact with our three dimensional space which would leave behind evidence. It's an unfortunate effect of the physical laws your god built into the universe he created. Answering with "God's not bound by those laws, he's God.", is essentially the same nonsensical BS as someone asking if god could create something so heavy that even he couldn't lift it. The rest of the kids on the playground must so jealous!
"...created us in his image"? Last I checked, I had a reflection in the mirror. I'm also pretty confident that I've seen other people in my lifetime. Why aren't we invisible? Who has a picture of god that I can compare to a picture of a human?
"...something from nothing..."? Matter and energy are two facets of the same item. Wouldn't you agree? We can change matter into energy (think nuclear explosion) and vice versa (think man-made elements). Now if all of the matter and energy in our universe were closer together yesterday than they are today, then at some point in the very distant past they must have been extremely close together. Would you say that this tightly compacted matter/energy accumulation is "nothing" as you claim? Now keep rewinding time until matter and energy can no longer be discerned as distinct items but actually are one homogeneous mix of that is neither matter nor energy but a zero dimensional point of infinite density/temperature. Is that still "nothing"? You can't put a tape measure on it as it has no dimensional properties that we experience in our macroscopic lives. You can't weigh it as there's no frame of reference for that property to make sense. Is "nothing" still the answer you want to assume "something" came from? Why is it that apologists conveniently forget all the stuff that comprises our universe when they think of the Big Bang?
"...evolving"? Were you born full-size at exactly your current age from some dust god pulled together? Do you believe that the human reproductive process was installed into two adult humans of opposite sex in fully working condition? Bear in mind these two humans were genetically identical as the rib from one was used to create the second. What happens when there's a lot of inbreeding in a closed group of, well, anything? Think English monarchy or Kentucky (not all Kentuckians, just the ones that wouldn't read this or understand it if they did). You get a butt-load of window-lickers. Now Adam and Eve had two sons initially. One killed the other, leaving just one son and Adam and Eve. Who did Cain marry to continue his lineage up to Enoch and the flood? Do you want to rethink your position on any portion of your statement? This planet has seen no less than five mass extinctions in 4.5 billion years. Perhaps, just perhaps, we are the latest product of evolution on a planet that has had several radical readjustments to environmental conditions necessary to maintain a fragile hierarchy of living organisms. <- This answer is MUCH easier than yours, has far fewer logical fallacies, fits with the observable and testable evidence, and isn't unnecessarily complex due to injecting a "creator" into an otherwise elegant reality.


great reply!!

Terry Bradford

I think Mark Wilson is an insecure, scared person who needs a sky daddy to make him feel better about his mortality. He's so brainwashed that there is nothing anyone can say to change his mind. True faith fanatics, when asked if there is any proof that they would accept to show their beliefs are based on fiction, will answer no. They suspend all critical thinking and reason.

Francoise Durant

IS this correct? God created Adam and Eve plus the Devil to tempt them. Adam and Eve had children who obviously incestuously had children and their children had children ad infinitum. Plus if the Dinosaurs were around for millions of years, what was God doing until he decided to create man in his own image?


So why didn't the bible make reference and why did it change the names of the characters?

Peter Bengtsson

Wow! What a nice response. Thank you.
But mind you, just because the stories are plagiarized doesn't make it bad. A lot of things in life is plagiarized but vastly improved. Like Google plagiarized the idea of a search engine but did it a LOT better.


How do you know the stories of Horus were not plagiarized from the Jews since they held to. Messianic beliefs before 4 or 7 bc?


Well... I don't know much about Christianity but Muslims think Quran is the word of God. Why did God give repeatative stories? Did God revise himself? I thought god was perfect by definition. The Adam and Eve story is a good example here.


So peter the stories are plagarized and according to you as long as they have been improved upon it is ok? Sorry but is this not the infallible word of the christian god? The ultimate book of "TRUTH"? Why on earth would you accept that? How can you dedicate your life to a book that has ripped of other religions and gods? And ultimatley how can you know the bible to be true and accurate when it has blatantly ripped of other cultures but improved up on the tales somewhat?


Plagiarism does not mean it was copied word for word. But the basic ideas are the same with some twists. Adam and Eve were not real. The earth is not 6000 years old and there is not one account of the "miracles" Jesus worked that was written while he was alive. The gospels were written years after a man named Jesus lived. Not only that, but the four "canonical" gospels contradict each other all over.

Mark Watson

1 Corinthians 1:18 / 2:14 (NIV)

18 For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God.

14 The person without the Spirit does not accept the things that come from the Spirit of God but considers them foolishness, and cannot understand them because they are discerned only through the Spirit.

Mark Watson

I believe these are very great and powerful resources, what do y'all think?

The Genesis Conflict Series:

Have You Swallowed The Hook Series?:

Did Darwin Murder God?:


Mark Watson stop trying to convince people that don't believe through the Bible it won't work


1. In the time of Cain, Noah, Moses etc... God seemed to be very good at verbal communication with humans. Yet now for thousands of years he hasn't said a word! Is it cause he doesn't care enough about humans anymore to communicate with them, or is he just an ignorant git and he's ignoring the human race as he's found something better to do, or is it cause he never existed in the first place?
2. If God really existed and cared for the human race as much as is claimed, why then does he allow so many to kill and murder in his name and to abuse children while using religion and Gods' name to sanctify the abuse? Again, if he was real and existed then to sit back and allow this to happen in his name means he's one helluva a mother******!
3. The fact that the Bible has been edited, rehashed and many parts omitted to the pleasure of the religious hierarchy, is all the more reason to not take anything in there too seriously - to hold up the bible and say that this is proof that Jesus and God exists is similar to holding up a comic book and saying Spiderman is real.
4. No matter what anyone can say - religion has been and continues to be a massive business controlled by a bunch of elitists for their own gains and to cover/hide their crimes that has cost the lives of countless millions in our history and continues to do so.
5. The Vatican alone has so many documents that they will not release, probably as it disproves God was a misinterpretation of some events thousands of years ago - Vatican have even agreed that aliens exist! Now, if aliens visited earth thousands of years ago in a ship that came down from the heavens with a roar of thunder and fire, with technology well beyond the comprehension of humankind at that time ("Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic" - Arthur C. Clarke), wouldn't the people at that time think these aliens were "Gods"?

Don Descartes Tiago Quixote

Here's my take on this one. I've long seen the comparison of Horus' and Jesus' story concluded in a plagiarism, so I took the time to skim the both entry and check their similarities and difference. If the accounts are true, and Horus' story is older, then you know what the result is.

But it bothers me that no one bat's an eye about it. What if scholars who studies the hieroglyphs of Horus just lets it go.
What if the point of Horus' story is for the spook, coz if you read everything in the bible its just a mesh of moral and spook stories.

In my conclusion, just a wild guest, no scholarly records to defend it, Someone or some people let the Horus' story plagiarized into the Jesus story bcoz it will serve more of its purpose. But, the set backs are, Catholics worships the bible too much that they took the stories quite literally. Thrown the idea that this is a story of someone else, they just let you borrow it so that you can learn lessons from it, and not worship it or shove it in other peoples' throat.

Michael Russo

Read the full stories. The parallels are loose in each religion’s hero vs. Jesus. Really and truly. And the implications of the other religions simply mean that the god came into the world and did stuff and was killed or put back together or performed miracles. But the implications don’t really mean much. They are simply myth. The implications of Christ mean that YOU can and are called to inherit His Spirit through the physical sign of Baptism and the spiritual transformation through the real outpouring of the Holy Spirit(the Spirit of Truth - Literally, not a power claim but literally The Truth). Jesus told Pontius Pilot, “I’ve come into the world for this one purpose, to testify to the Truth.” Who else said that? And also, if you have read the Gospels and into Acts, you would happen upon the persecution of the early Church, and Gamaliel, a Jewish elder, tells the angry Jewish leaders to send out the Apostles, who they wanted to punish and shut down by force, and he told the Jewish leaders that many had risen and claimed to be somebody, and people followed them, and they fell away once their leader died. So he advised them, if it is the work of men, leave them alone, it will end, but if it is the work of God, they may find themselves battling against God! This is a bold statement which is why I greatly promote everyone learning as much as they can about the Catholic Church so as to destroy it, really and truly. I guarantee that you will be converted if you give it true lasting effort. It is ‘t Something you can just arrive at an answer or rationalization for not following, you must truly refute it at its central points. Is Jesus who He says He is? In this case you have to read Scripture, refer to Church doctrine(which greatly differs from MOST Christian churches...I.e. Catholics don’t believe in a purely literal Adam and Eve but mainly a paradigmatic Adam and Eve with logical lessons and consequences in reference to their relationship with Truth(God)—look up Bishop Barron’s various YouTube talks on Adam and Eve as a unique creation story depicting God not as in competition with creation or evil as compared to the common creation stories of the time such as the Epic of Gilgamesh).

No other place will you find such an edifying and rich intellectual tradition as the Catholic Church. I highly recommend reading A.G. Sertillanges The Intellectual life, and not only will you see a deeply religious man but someone who has a poetically romantic love for Truth and pure knowledge. “All truth is redemptive.” That is a quote from a Catholic priest. Not all things claiming to be truth are true! But all truths are redemptive! Because they all point back to the Ultimate Truth, in and through which all things are interrelated! Peace and blessings, brothers. Keep seeking and don’t trust until you find these redemptive truths!


" Is Jesus who He says He is? In this case you have to read Scripture, " To suggest that "scripture" is some kind of objective source of facts, evidence and truth is hilarious. It's been edited, redacted, censored, revised over the centuries to reflect the biases and political correctness of the various eras.

Michael Russo

Also, Catholics believe in something called baptism of desire, which is Scriptural, straight from the lips of St. Paul, and is aligned with conscience, which says that God knows me through and through. So this whole, if you aren’t physically baptized you are going to hell thing is complete rubbish. And, the Spirit of Truth is always around no matter if you are Catholic or Atheist or Hindu. Some people believe that the Holy Spirit isn’t around any more, even some Christians believe this. This is logically ridiculous.

Okay, I’ve said my peace. I’m collecting research for a talk. I’ll post my findings here and compare the common misconceptions with the real stories. It’ll save your heart a lot of stress.

Michael Russo

This web page actually covers all of it. Please post all three of my comments so this isn’t just random. All of them are important for earnest Truth seekers.

Michael Russo

If you don't post my post sharing the webpage refuting zeitgeist then you are liars and propagating lies. In the instance where you don't post the webpage refuting zeitgeist you also don't believe in the strength of your own argument or else you would let the facts lay where they may.


Jack Robinson

For the sake of intellectual arguments, reasoning and mental exercise, discourse in Jesus Christ story plagiarism is OK. However, not a single person has referred to man as a spirit being, who has a soul and lives in a body. The heart of the matter is spirituality - your perception, and locus standi will definitely change if you see Man as a spirit.


In the end you will know or you won't know the truth.


Many stories in the Holy Bible is copied. Also written about events after they happened hundreds of years later. Wasn't written live when things were happending. The Bible isn't authentic according to Enûma Eliš, the book of the dead, and the copying of stories from other religions. Here's one link to help shed some clarity.



Russo, for all your wailing about Zeitgeist debunked being "repressed"...

I read that page, you're seriously telling me I'm supposed to take a guy's argument, with a littany of spelling errors in modern English, at face value on ancient history?!?

He spelled "crucifixion" as "crucixion"...actually he spelled it both ways in back-to-back sentences (meaning he didn't even so much as verify with bloody spell-check), let alone other properly spelled words that are still obviously incorrect (like "is" instead of "us" etc).

...that cited source is SO solid you can rest your junk on it. Likely all it's good for - I noticed it reading out of curiosity's sake/shits & giggles. They didn't notice it writing about their own religion, area of "professional expertise" &, one would think, a subject material that OUGHT to be considered rather important & of some significance to the author.

If my whimsy noticed, why not their heart-felt research & editing? They can't even proofread but I'm supposed to believe they verified/debunked all this?!?

BIG surprise they assert these other religions "very likely" copied Christianity themselves. Totally NOT written by a fanatic at all~

Timothy J McNeal

I think that a lot of you should read the book the Case for Christ. It explains a lot of this stuff very thoroughly rather than on mere hearsay. The author Lee Strobel wasn't a Christian at the time he started questioning the Bible. His wife had become a Christian and because of that he set out to disprove the Bible. He talks to a lot of different professors using his journalistic skills to ask some of the hardest questions. True these professors are usually Christian, but why would you ask an atheist to prove the validity of the Bible? If he has a problem with the Bible like if he thinks it's contradictory, he'll pull out a Bible himself and show it to the professor. You may have reasons for why you don't believe the Bible, but you rarely ever read it. So your answers are usually based on what other people say. I may be a Christian, but I have heard arguments for evolution and even chose to watch a YouTube video about evolution. After watching it there are two major questions that remain unanswered. How do you get from something that's nonliving to something that's living and how do you get from something less complex to something more complex? Sure they may explain how an animal might lose it's legs or how you can get from a wolf to a Chihuahua. But isn't that getting less complex not more? Especially since you can get from a wolf to a Chihuahua, but you can't get from a Chihuahua to a wolf. Or perhaps major changes do occur, but it was already programmed into the genetics. Almost like using a key to unlock a door, but the door didn't make itself.


The old testament is from the tanakh written by jews for jews and for 144,000 ,"chosen ", Noah's ark would at minimum need to be 3.5 times the size of the largest aircraft carrier, if limited to 2 of each species. Which not even titanium could hold structural integrity. Moses lead the jews from Egypt , Abraham was the father of 2 nations Jewish and Muslim. Jesus was a Jew and self proclaimed king of the jews not son of god though he repeated his fathers words ,who awaits him in heaven . Jewish leaders took this and ran with it, embellished as they pleased adding dots to complete their framing of the unorthodox and rebellious teacher. All gospels were written 45 to 220 years after Jesus lived , many altered of completely omitted by Constantine ,other roman emperors and Vatican as well, to aid the empire and church hierarchy.. Then yet again by King James . People love a story, 94 percent of all children believe as their parents do and are indoctrinated ,without reaching a mature age of choice . Parents more often than not controlling the children, with the same tactics used my empirical puppeteers.
Just as planned, excellent...


you guys are id**s, where is the evidence that these things happened to Horus. How do you know if this story wasn't just made up from man?

Marc D

All of the stories of every religion were made up by man. How do we know if any one of them are true? What we do know is there are over 2 billion christians, almost 2 billion muslims and over 1 billion hindus. Just those top three religions in the world are over 5 billion people. How can you tell 3 billion people they are "wrong" for what they believe, and you are right? This isn't even counting all of the other religions and the non-believers. I look at it as if you have found something that gets you through the day, and it isn't illegal or hurting anyone, more power to you. But don't try to convince others to follow your beliefs. If you are not going to believe anything from any other religion / person, why would they believe you?


All religions are simply mythology and made by man. Very interesting reads but nothing to believe is actually true.

Jay Swift

I realize this is an old thread , but , if you want to know what stories were truly plagiarized read this web site and keep in mind these stores are thousands of years older than Christianity https://www.samwoolfe.com/2013/04/plagiarism-in-bible.html
If you would like to see where the Bible contradicts itself and shows the true cruelty of a "LOVING GOD" ,
 read this site - https://americanhumanist.org/what-is-humanism/reasons-humanists-reject-bible/ . One thing is undisputed fact , whenever there are 2 or more differing accounts of the same event at least one of them is definitely wrong . The biggest problem with Christianity is the deeply embedded great of door . Any person who can't see the similarities between Jesus and Budda simply REFUSES to accept the obvious . The story of Noah and the story of Utnapistim from the epic of Gilgamesh are virtually the same exact story . Wake up and stop believing just because you were taught to . You can never make a truly informed decision if everything you read starts in the same place . Judaism, Christian, Islam, Catholism,etc. All start with same old testament , look beyond and educate yourself


Religion is a never ending war. He who control the pen controls the “Mind”. Life is a chest game and Religion and Christianity is the biggest part. What the saying, A lie gets all around the world before the “Truth” gets out of bed.” Is’s time to question everything and Think for yourself. I f it doesn’t make sense then Research everything form it’s Beginning to it’s End. Money is power and so is Knowledge. Learning never stops. The s is the time of Aquarius (the little man with the bucket of water) purity and Truth.


"So certain are you?"

The G-Man

I grew up Methodist. From a tiny kid thru high school, I spent almost every Sunday in Sunday School followed by Church services. I lit the candles and sat behind the reverend as he gave his service. Baptized as a baby, went through catechism in my youth, attended Bible school in the summers, read the Bible and studied all the stories, yet even as a kid, I did not believe or accept any aspect of religion. Of course in the 50s and 60s, you'd be crazy to say that you didn't believe in Jesus or God. Back then, not being a Christian was similar to being gay...you would be shunned and belittled if word got out! Only in college did I start to feel comfortable expressing my thoughts about religion and only with close friends. My philosophy is. "Each to their own." I have friends who are very religious and they're always saying how their faith gets them through every day life and that's fine with me. But it's funny how well adjusted, content and happy I am in life with zero interest in any aspect of religion. And I don't need religion to be a good person or good friend to others On those rare occasions where people push their religion on me, I will then ask a few questions. Like how is it that the Jesus story was plagiarized from numerous pagan gods decades or centuries before Jesus lived? How could 600 year old Noah (who lived to be 950) gather two of EVERY animal on earth and put them all on one boat almost 4000 years ago! And how could the entire planet be covered by water? Poppycock! And don't get me going on how old the world is...6000 years old?? Come on! So to me, the choice is "faith in religion" versus the "reality of science and common sense." I get how people desperately want to believe in life after death and they will struggle through life praying, trying to be good and offering their mind, body and soul to Jesus. I’ve chosen to be happy, have fun and enjoy every day while I’m alive! Most of my Christian friends agree that all Hindus, Buddhists, Muslims, atheists, etc. will go to hell because they have not asked Jesus to save them, and I could never accept that! If there was a God, how could he/she/it be so vindictive and uncaring? “Love me, pray to me and ask me to come into your heart and be forgiven for your sins or…you go to hell.” In ending, our earth would be a much better place for all humans and animals if my made-up God was real!!


My churchianity exodus circled around things Yeshua said like "the ONLY separation from you and your creator is in your mind, because there is NO SEPARATION" or "God commands you to forgive your enemies as Yeshua did when they were nailing Him up." BUT god is going to cook in the vilest, most brutal, and vicious way, all of his enemies/non-believers??? HARD PASS on that BS! I have learned so much MORE TRUTH and especially about the lies of religion. I honestly believe that escaping religion is part of the spiritual journey, its like milk to meat. We were NEVER meant to STAY in the schoolhouse/church, but to GROW out of it, but religion stifles that, teaching you that you cant live without their BS guilt-based systems of control, that even YESHUA CONDEMNED, hmmm starting to make more sense why they had to murder him, as fast and as illegally as they did.

Jonathan Radeon

This is such crap. I’m guessing because it’s so old? This has been thoroughly debunked.


We aren’t asking people to think rationally, we are asking people to change the lens they grew up in. Many say religion is a hindrance, which I think can be the case, but life is unfair and the very existence of us is frightening. Let people believe whatever will get them through life because none of us deserve to be here. All love, stay healthy.

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