How to fold clothes

07 April 2004   9 comments   Misc. links

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This video-clip shows you an unusual way of folding clothes that is very effective. I watched it several times over to try to learn it this way. Now that I do know how to fold clothes much faster I fold all my clothes.

It must be said though that it's not always that you can lay the shirt flat on a table like that. In those cases, maybe the old-fashioned way is better.

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i want to have look
peter, where do you find this?!!!
Peter Bengtsson
-_- none of the links work you tard
Held Back Senior
Yeahh.... wow.... failed home ec now lol
He may be referring to what some people call "Crazy Fold"; google to find the video for it. its damn cool.
Jane Doe
This is not good and Im a house wife
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