Here's a nice write up about DoneCal on MumbaiMirror

"All in all, DoneCal is one of those Web 2.0 tools that you wouldn’t really miss if it wasn’t around, but once you use it, you can’t go back."

They don't make a link to DoneCal which I suspect is some sort of half assed attempt to avoid too many outgoing links. They've strangely spent time writing about another web page but can't make a link to it. If I've learned anything from Google is that the ultimate mantra of SEO is: don't try to be smarter than us, just write great content and let us worry about ranking.

If these guys are worried about that, why don't they use a rel="nofollowup" attribute on the link?



Thats great! A nice little review and they obviously like it a lot. Well done!

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