Yesterday I got another one of these:

dear sir,

yesterday some body stolen my cell cell number 9848133384 
please search for the  same and freeze my account so that 
no body can use it 

thank you 

yours faithfully


It seems that a lot of people in India lose their mobile phones these days and that a lot of people in India think that by emailing me about it that I can do something about it.

I'm just a blogger. I don't have a machine that can cancel mobile SIMs.



Perhaps because you have a posting about "sim city' somewhere, which make you rank high on certain queries. Check your accesslog for strange refereres.

Had the same once on freezope, "cancel my account" got ranked really high on yahoo search, causing all kinds of yahoo users requesting in our forums to cancel their yahoo account.

btw, postings like this will only improve your "sim" ranking :)

Peter Bengtsson

he he. Kind of sad how little time people spend these days actually reading and just skimming headlines. And my website has just joined the lines of guilty ones.

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