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I want an extension for Firefox that measures the speed it takes to download a webpage. I'd like a total time and the time for the individual constituents.

For example, it could look like this:

screen.css took 0.5 seconds
core.js too 1.0 seconds
index.html took 2.0 seconds
foo.png took 0.5 seconds

total page took 4.0 seconds

Does anybody know of a solution to my problem? Can it be done?

UPDATE I just discovered lori which does a decent job. It could be more detailed but so far it's looking quite promising.


Hung Le

Hi Peter,

I am the author of "lori". Detail output per request is possible. Difficulty right now is how to design for the UI which I am not very good at. Perhaps a compromise is to allow a debug mode and stream them out to the javascript console.

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