A great thing about Squid: Calamaris

04 July 2008   0 comments   Linux


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A great thing about Squid: Calamaris I'm talking about Squid the web proxy cache server and Calamaris the Squid log file analyzer not food. Calamaris was a breeze to set up and now it emails me once a month a report summary of what Squid has done for my site each month. It's brilliant because it includes a piece of information that both really easy to understand and really useful no matter how technical you are:

Proxy statistics                                                                
Average speed increase:                                     %  44.57 

Nota bena: I've had to work on this. It used to be a lot lower before but I've worked on setting no-refresh on selected few resources and I've tweaked the Cache-Control headers here and there.

What people sometimes forget about Squid is that it can actually slow down your site too. On an individual object that you test with ab you can go from 50 requests/sec to 2000 requests/sec but for large sites with many many objects Squid has to do a lot of thinking to work out what to cache, not to cache, put in RAM, etc. Just installing Squid is not necessarily good enough. You have to massage and caress it till it starts to work for you. And to get to that Calamaris really helps.


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