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I'm a big fan of Ned Batchelder and his blog which is quite similar to mine. His is also about Python but with other spices added from what we geeks refer to as: life.

Anyway, his wife has written a book about autism that looks very buyable. An interesting thing about this book is that it's not written by psychologists/doctors in lab coats but by a mother of a family with an autistic boy.

From her website:

"My oldest son Nat was diagnosed with autism at the age of three in January 1993. At the time we were told that autism is incurable and that the right educational approach would make all the difference. I still believe that and as a result we have changed Nat’s education programs six times, searching for the best fit. He is currently thriving at a vocational school. He will probably never go to college or get married but he did have his first playdate this past year, so with autism, never say “never.”"


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