F**ing great! I received an MMS from my dad in Sweden and I can't open it on either my T-Mobile branded Nokia or on my Firefox. First of all, why is it still not possible to receive MMSes from different countries? Secondly, if you receive an SMS from T-Mobile with a web link (and a password) wouldn't you expect that web page to work on mobile phones?

When you open it you get this Javascript popup warning: Nice!

T-Mobile MMS collection

When I later tried it instead with my Firefox web browser (under Linux) the interface for reading your received MMS messages is awful and done in frames and then it turns out that the bloody video format is Quicktime which is a crap proprietary format which doesn't work on Linux (unless you hack around).

Thanks a lot T-Mobile! :(



Agreed, even when you log in with IE 8 the pictures don't seem to render...t-mobile are rubbish!

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