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03 March 2004   1 comment   Misc. links


Mind that age!

This blog post is 17 years old! Most likely, its content is outdated. Especially if it's technical.

"My client, a large public sector organisation, is commencing a hugely exciting programme for archiving the Web."

Got this in one of those automatic emails that CWJobs sends out. I'm not personally interested but it sure is an unusual offer. It also said:

"Architecture and programming of server-side code at a guru level.".

"Guru"? Isn't that when you're so good that your a celebrity (E.g. Stallman, E.S. Raymond, Nielsen)



Your post prompted me to see how many jobs are looking for "gurus" - apparently it's quite a popular request nowadays - I searched the term on an IT job board and check out the pages of jobs....http://www.technojobs.co.uk/jobs/guru

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