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baggy pants Kids love McDonald's, but should they? The picture says it all: Don't eat at McDonald's!

Apparently McDonalds is about to start selling kids-clothes that will endure "season after season". Of course you get suspicious.

But isn't it possible that McDonald's already have sponsored the awful baggy pants trend that's plagued the beginning of the 21st century.


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I wonder how much that kid weighs?


Why have you put a pic of a obese kid anyway? its pure nasty. i agree with nasha.


I am a child. 11 Years old, and i have not seen someone that big (as a child) before! And i am suprised Mcdonalds have let that child eat at his local Mcdonalds, i am a health addict, i eat at least 7 fruit or veg a day, and i make sure i eat the right amount of everything a day eg(Protein, Carbohydrate, ect). But i agree with nasha and patrick. I know my parents are responisble for my healthy looks, but it's quite mean that you probably didn't ask the person if they wanted to be commented on his looks. And just did it anyway. Trust me, at school, i know what bullying feels like!


Hey my name is mac i am all so 11.
Iam a girl and i all so agree with nasha
patrick and you.

Daniel Hater

Daniel grow a set of balls you stupid little shit. I'm not surprised you get bullied you cock sucker. If I ever read anything like this pure bull shit again you can consider my cock in your ass you fuckin asshole!


Um, nobody cares how well you eat, you annoying show-off. go get a life, and stop telling us about yours.

Tudor Sava

U knoe, I tink dat he is SEXXXY. I liek big boyz 'n' I wanna hit dat.


you sick b**ch
you might as well be a lesbo
you cant have a bit f cock lol lym

Tudor Hater

You sick son of a bitch.


Stop calling the kid fat, it may b his fault but its all very well saying lose weight but its not as easy as it looks!Jst cuz ur life is shit dnt go making other peeps hell as well just 2 mak u feel betta!!
This is lik online bullying this page needs to be deleted and all the peeps hu av wirtten on here need 2 piss off nd go nd liv ur own life!! every1 nos the kids fat we av all seen the picture... so stop stateing it nd being such bullies! Sparkle xx


My spell check took 20 minutes to get through this entry. Good Job. I hope English is your second language :D

the truth

my god!!! he looks like michelin man!!!!


Michelin man i tell you...or even the marshmellow man from ghost busters!!!!


yeah its real funny isnt it? how about this is the kind of shit that is plaguing the entire continent of north america? it may be funny to look at such a young kid looking like that but i think it means our country is a disgusting mess. stop laughing and do something about it for effs sakes.


hes not that big, hes kinda like a young michael jackson




Not that big??!!!?? Good Year blimp boy most likely out weighs an average teenager. Picture is about 2 years old (saw something at least very similar that long ago) and I can only imagine how much bigger he has gotten, assuming he hasn't died from the sludge in his arteries clogging. I could have sworn there was a video to that picture, anyone know where it is?

Former Obeseian

Now, this is nothing new to me. To be honest, they are to the extreme! I mean it looks like there are three sections on his arm! Now, there are a bunch of kids in my grade, and they weigh 250 and over, so they are pretty gross. there are about 10 of them in only three grades!


this kid is so big he makes the ground shake


dude is he anorexic? he needs to get hit with a sandwhich. id hit that


Will you actually shut up?
Do you know its his fault?
"Oh that kid must be fat because he over eats."
You all know Jordan (Katie Price) right?
Her son has a condition which makes him Obese.
SO it might not be his fault.


there damn fat they could eat my dog


This doesnt seem that bad to me i am 12 andd weigh 270 lbs. i am only 5 foot 4. i enjoy being fat cause it hasnt effected me yet. i eat mcdonalds almost every day but i am so big i can eat 2 or 3 big macs and not even tell


This doesnt seem that bad to me i am 12 andd weigh 270 lbs. i am only 5 foot 4. i enjoy being fat cause it hasnt effected me yet. i eat mcdonalds almost every day but i am so big i can eat 2 or 3 big macs and not even tell.

yo momma

ya ya bitchs you eat that mcdonalds so that we could harvest you and sell you on the street


im at skool doing a project on fat people haha xxx


and meeeeeeeee !!!


Oh, wait just click the link.




hey there fatty boomba




Stats of him - just a guess:

weight 300lbs
height: 4ft 8in
wiest: 60in
body fat: 70%


this is actually wrong! it looks soooo fake! n if its real well thats just disgusting!


this is fucking discusding


this is amie

natalie haydon

OMG WTF is that!!! it reminds me of my sister!!!!! and shes fat!!!!!! love ya xxxxxx

Discaring parents-hater

:O That is NOT good he is WAY to big.That is REALLY un healthy.I blame the parents for not taking action and bringing down his wait.Maybe thay just want him to live a bad live and get teased by kids and die at a young age.Thay aparently do not know how much thay are hutting him not only health wise but emotion wise cause he is gonna be teased so much. It's just sad how the parents dont even think about any of that stuff, cause if thay did he would not be the weight he is.

Discaring parents-hater

opps sorry I ment hurting.


How can you let a kid get that fat? theres 3 sections in his arms! Omfg! He has got a massive double chin. Look at his massive man boobs! And his cubby cheeks. Omg look at his arm neer the fingers, a big tub of lard he is. If you squished his arm it would bee gross! Judging by his little nose he is about 4 or 5! He is gonna be treased alot. I bet he has trouble getting through a door! He is gonna die soon. Maybe he is already dead.... That phot is from a few years ago. Fatttyyy!


u fat fuck jenny craig calls 4 u


he is a fat ching herro he has more rolls than a bakery MCFAT


i hav a penis


i am a pedophile


Anonymous is a fag

good person

y wud any1 write that. sicko


how can he feel good about himself when he is so unhealthy and obese.doesn't he feel ill and hate himself? how can he look at himself in the mirror and not wonder where this is goinh?


i ( as an 11 year old) have not seen a boy or girl that well over-weight. he needs some serious help.but i kow that i used to be heavy (not fat) and i felt awful i had annorexia and all so now i am a complete health FREAK because i don't want to go back to that. but if i felt that bad when i was heavy how must he feel. i think the reason he ain't dieting is that he's given up hope and by the looks of it so have his parents. he will have a short life and i feel really bad for him.


You were anorexic? And you're 11?


Thats so blatantly made up, go home.


i wonder wat he's thinking


u know wat most of u guys r hear to dis him coz it makes u feel better or u are all vain pricks! leave him alone i completetly agree wiv daniel, nasha and patrick so u lot can all fuck off and stop being JERKS!


i agree to your statement aint his fault its his parents how could you let him get that big?




Firstly it can not possibly be his fault, he is a young child. Nobody knows his background or his parents. As other people have said there are conditions which cause obesity such as Prada Willi syndrome. People are very good at assuming things, it maybe infact be his first fast food meal! He will have a hard enough time in life anyway being that size, hopefully some help can be found for him and things can become a bit more healthy.


I feel sorry for these children too. This poor child is nothing compared to the toddler at this link. http://www.wassup.ru/photo/big-fat-chinese-baby.jpg let me know what you think.


oh my god.


He is to big, I cant belieave his parents are not even taking action...thay just want him to die. :(


that kid iz to big


Damn lose some weight you ragging gorrila, shamu mutha!!!!!!! I pick on fat people all the time cuz they disghust me


natalie haydon is a gimp!!!


How the hell does a child get that fat i mean seriouslly it cant just be genetics my brothers was fat as a child and its because our fathers is big but he shed the pounds genetics is just an excuse because ur to lazy to get up and slim down if u look like that u neeed to take action AND IT FUCKIN PISSES ME OFF THAT ALLL U FAT ASS PEOPLE WONT FUCKIN SHUT UP ABOUT HOW FAT YOU ARE AND HOW FAT UR KIDS ARE BUT U WONT FUCKIN FIX THE DAMN PORBLEM!!!!!!!


i -=fdrnknhroe;y 0[a;ed ddjmjsedj,cfenuoer8euie


Why the fuck do these son of a bitches think that they are SOOOOOOO cool? They are nothing more than two fuckin shit-faced kids! GO ON A DEIT!


spell diet right shit faced smart arse mother fucker


listen is hard to loss weight i think if he get the right motivation i know he will be fitt n healthy with in 3 month


that is fat but if hes that fat y the %$£" is he in macdonalds


mc donalds and all the other fast food restraunts out there should be 18+ they should not alow little kids to go there unatended with a parent. then if the child is with the parent and looks like this it is technicaly not the fast food restraunts faults and the parents should be ashamed of them selfs and the child should then be taken off them to regain the healthy weight and to be looked after proparly (food wise).


Wow - looks like some amazing readin'! Thanks so much for hosting


notice everyone in that picture is fat

Health sciences center

This is a great article. I am new to your blog and i like what I see. I look forward to your future work.

L & S

:( Poor Kid...He'll Have a Heart Attack Whilst Half Way Through His French Fries :(


thats not funny and i feel sorry cause some cant stop like him but if he tryed themn he meant have a bit more life with his friends cause they will always be there to help him if some one says some thing or helps him though it


wat a fat boi haha he gona b dead by 15 and im bein seroius

Bob Sinclair

That is the fattest kid ive ever seen! HaHa....look at them rolls! his so fat, he makes me look slim :)


dont b mean u idiots! how wud u like it if u were dat fat! i dnt fink its fair. you shudnt judge sum1 by there looks everyone shud b treated equally. everyone looks at someone bein fat in different ways. my m8s 14 n she weighs 8 st n she finks she fat but she aint! so dnt judge him. x




aww, that is like so saad :'( If i were him i'd fucking kill myself, or I'd just liike walk around with a paper bag over my...wait...a garbage bag (his nose wouldn't even fit into a garbage bag...) oh well, all fat asses should be made fun of..hes a dyke! I bet no one will blow him when he's older.


why right shit like that?


OMG, AWWW that is sooo mean!!! You should actually be the one with the paper bag over your head Sheara, thats an awful thing to say about another person...and why would you talk about people wanting to blow him or not? He is probably only like 7 years old!! How would you like it if there was a really embarrasing picture of you at the top of this page that everyone could comment on..why would you kill yourself if you were him? What is so different about you that is not like him?? Yes,he is massivly overweight but that doesn't change who he is as a person, he still feels the same emotions we do. Love, happiness, sadness...so what makes him less of a person then you or me? NOTHING!!! So, dont pick on him because the person you are really picking on is yourself because your insecure about something. SO GO AND GET A LIFE IF YOU JUST WANT TO BE MEAN!


Is this a real picture?? Cause at the end of his arm where his hand and arm meet it looks like he is wearing a costume..i dunno though so..but i feel really sorry for that kid..and i totally agree with Morgan..


my comment
i want to lose weight but in a good thats healthy


poor boy, why are his parents taking him to mac donalds, when he clearly needs to be eating a healthy diet.
It could be construed as child abuse when parents allow thier children to eat crap all of the time.
I would agree that in some cases there is a genetic disorder which can cause children to become obese, but if this was the case then it is vital that the child is supported to recognise the value of real food which is fresh and healthy and low fat!!
Jordans child has a growth disorder which contributes to his weight gain but i am sure that she and his carers are helping him to make good choices when it comes to eating. because they love him and want him to have the best chances possible.
Macdonalds is not a treat it is killing you all. It can only count as a treat if you have it once or twice a year.


thanks. you helped us with our presention. bloody hell hes fat


thanks. you helped us with our presention. bloody hell hes fat

I hate fat people!!

God what a fat idiot he is so fat in class he sits next to evrybody!!!, hes so fat when he got christined, he got chistened in the sea!!!!! Where are that fatties parents???


Seriously, i hope you fucking choke.


tom elliott

hes a fat kiddo i bet he wears age 17 clothes


They don't MAKE age 17 clothes dumbfuck.

mark hunt

he is my twin brother and i love him dearly


dis is fake !!! it got beeeee look at the picture !! duhhh ! yoo can get dis fat but dat picci aint real !!!! xxxx

i love youu. :]]

omg i feel so bad for him? on someones mysace they have that picture and i didnt think it was real butttttttt it iss!! :[


u ppl r fukries!! leave da boi alone! fukin tramps...BOI! its his fukin problem bt his parents fault. if da boi undastood oviously he would consider dieting bt da boi is too yung 2 noe anyfing...duuuh! fukin idiots!


McDonald's, like everything else (Marlboro, Winston, and Coca-Cola) PROVIDE services. If you know it's the parents fault that their kids are becoming obese, why pass the buck on those children?


that's one fat fucker


i like boyz in baggy pants, the stylish ones, theyusually have nice tight butts


he looks like the michellin tyre man lol haha__ sorry shudnt laff at fat kids but.......... hes so round ^^


theres a thing caled a diet u fat fatty. omg ur parents musnt like u that much to let u get so fat.


now we know what china uses as test aircraft tyres on the link given http://www.wassup.ru/photo/big-fat-chinese-baby.jpg so fat hehe ^^


his carrear as a budda had jus begun


chigga boom boom


Bobby loves that phat boi

john jakob jingle highmer shmight wannenburgh

just think if u save 2 grand u can get lippo hahahahahahaha fatty ur fucked


Oh Mii Daiz wt a fat shit!


wat this song- waiting for something to start, never thought life would tear me apart this way,it's just a face i'm going thru
blah blah wateva
chorus- just let me start again cos it feel like a nightmare

thank u.......

skinny boi

leave him alone he will b perfect 4 sumo wrestling so he mite sit on u

alex . b

leave him alone if he wants to be fat let him
he could have a crear as a sumo


ok.. wow.. im never going to come back to this site, but i want to say that im really disgusted with 90% of the posts on here.. regardless of who's fault it is, who are you all to say anything about him? To all of you saying you hate fat people, stop being so self-centered and grow up. You're clearly not educated, judging by your grammer and immature remarks, so who are you to say anything about someone else? Just a random asshole? pretty much. I was also extremely disgusted about the hate toward each other you guys have in here. The woman that shared her story about her obese son even though he doesnt eat a lot, that was a good addition to this forum. But the person who replied saying you hope they die, fuck you man.. who are you to say things like that..

to the 90% of you, find something better to do than make fun of people less fortunate than you.

and to the other 10%, that were actually kind-hearted or just innocent sharing stories or having a half intellectual conversation, thank you for showing me there is some hope left in the world still.

liam and ellen

aww you all laff but if that was your kid you wouldnt be laffin then would you and wot if you were that kid would you be liked to be laffed at its everybody choice wot they eat and his parents should have done somethin about it we are glad that we aint that big but it could happen to anyone

Mutha Fucker

rofl ure gay u look like binladens dad and u like like the fat shit on the front

lauren oglesby

omg yhew fat basterd lose weght ... it is revolting!!! im going to be sic


ummmm its the parents fault for doing it to the m really im not being funny but if i got that big id shoot myself and who could eat that much mcdonalds anyway its sickening to think about it

Mutha Fucker

Haha wat a fucking mong look at the fat shit he weights more than a fucking elephant!!! fucking hell he lookes like binladens dad fucking shithead fuck u who would fuck dat fat shit he reminds me of some boy in my school

Mutha Fucker

Vishal Chawla is a fat shit his worse than this mong on the front i aint even joking ffs!! look his got bigger tits than your mums. fuck binladen and his dad!!!!! they bomb to many countrys!!!

Mutha Fucker I Fucked Ure Mum

Rofl My Name Owns U All


that is mingin!!!!! wot r his parents thinkin of tekin him mcds??? eeeewwwww!!!!


i pwn all of u chumps im hella bored and this picture was hiii larious coz it looks like one of my friends, well thats what i pay him out about




ur fat and u have rings on ur arms


ur so fat u coul nock down a tower block


ur so fat u coul nock down a tower block down

clemmie is a total hottie id like to tap that if it wasnt so unobtainable

lol, me and clem are totally loling all over this


all of you guys are horrible. I hope you know teasing fat people will make them sucidal "BUT NOO I BET YOU GUYS DONT CARE IF THE FAT KID DIES CAUSE HE TOOK UP TOO MUCH ROOM ANYWAY" you skinny kids should really think before you make fun of fat people! you make humans look horrible and you make god look like a bad person.


If god existed then i am sure as hell that Mcdonalds wouldn't and in turn sumo boy wouldn't be there for our amusement.


God I want to take that kid and his fat and inject it into starving Africans!!!!!! And make fun of him! And rip his rolls of and eat them! And put him on a treadmill FAT ASS!


michelin man!


ok well im 16 im 5foot 8 inches and i weight 255 lbs i dont eat mcyd's or any fast food i do eat healthy and i have very balanced meals yat im still fat and no mines not from my famaly cuz there all skinny so u never know, he could just be at mcd's for liek once in a year

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