URL: http://crosstips.org/simple/?slots=P_T_R&r=0&language=en-gb

Simple interface for Crosstips I've now made a simple interface alternative (not AJAX) to Crosstips. This one doesn't do any fancy AJAX to look up works and you just type in the unknown letters as a space (or a _ or a . or a *) so you don't have to know how many letters it is.

Here's an example

It feels refreshing somehow to go back from AJAX back to plain old GET requests. The best thing about this is that it will work on a mobile phone too. The way I've wired the page is so that if you visit the site with a mobile device (not an iPhone though) it will load the extremely cut down version of the layout which is more suitable for mobile phones. This means that people will be able to get unstuck doing crosswords in bed.


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