URL: http://www.humanposture.com/

I'm a fan of good web development ideas. At least different ones because they help us understand what works and what doesn't.

Then I found this website called HumanPosture.com which uses a documentation-like navigation to present all information on the website. From the front page there's a link in the bottom right hand corner that lures you into going to the next page. Before you know it you've clicked through on all 10 (or so) pages and finally returned back to the home page. These next links really work I think.

The whole navigation works like an online documentation site like for example this tutorial but the interesting thing is that the HumanPosture.com website isn't a documentation. It's a webpage filled with information like any other webpage. Notice also that there are no other distracting links anywhere. Unvisited links are blue, visited ones are purple and the logo is clearly located where it's supposed to be.

Well done HumanPosture.com! If I only had more time I'd read it too and not just focus on the web design :)


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