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My kind company just gave me a little gift to make our office environment less noisy. A pair of Bose noise reduction headphones. Click here for a picture

I was sceptic at first thinking that noise reduction will work but only in such a small way that one might as not bother. Boy was I wrong! It actually only really works if you play music through them. Unsurprisingly the sound quality is stunning (wouldn't expect less for that price :) and when you play music it starts to look like people are miming and you stop hearing little noises like tapping the keyboard, distant phones ringing and air conditioners. From now I'll have to keep my mobile in my pocket so that I can feel it vibrating because I've missed a call when the mobile was on my desk and I didn't notice at all.

They really work! A word of warning though, not having music is pointless. Noise is reduced but you can actually hear the headphones themselfs in a strange way. It's difficult to explain but it sort of rings in your ears like when you exit a nightclub and come somewhere it's quiet. If you don't want music and just quiet, just buy some ear plugs


Sandy Lee

I use headphones like that when I am in our office too and they are great. The problem is I have tinnitus and can't have them turned up to loud. I use earplugs too to protect my ear when I go clubbing, I have found a site that sells music earplugs quite cheaply here:


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