What's the fattest Subway sandwich? Can you guess what the fattest sandwich is, that Subway sells, out of these?

  • Cheese Steak
  • Chipotle Southwest Cheese Steak
  • Italian BMT
  • Meatball Marinara
  • Chicken & Bacon Ranch
  • Spicy Italian
  • Tuna
  • Subway Melt
  • Veggie Patty

Without further ado, here's the result copied carefully from "The SUBWAY chain Nutrition Guide":

Serving Size (g) Calories (kcal) Total Fat (g)
Cheese Steak 261 330 9
Chipotle Southwest Cheese Steak 271 411 17
Italian B.M.T 254 446 23
Meatball Marinara 293 441 18
Chicken & Bacon Ranch 309 483 20
Spicy Italian 239 491 29
Tuna 261 514 31
Subway Melt 266 350 10
Veggie Patty 263 377 11

Wow! Who would believe that Tuna would be the fattiest Subway sandwich? Not me for sure.

Notice that the servings are slightly different sizes in grammes. What if we recalculate the table to see calories and total fat per gramme and lets now sort the table by fattest.

  Calories/100g Fat/100g
Spicy Italian 205.44 12.13
Tuna 196.93 11.88
Italian B.M.T 175.59 9.06
Chicken & Bacon Ranch 156.31 6.47
Chipotle Southwest Cheese Steak 151.66 6.27
Meatball Marinara 150.51 6.14
Veggie 143.35 4.18
Subway Melt 131.58 3.76
Cheese Steak 126.44 3.45

So Tuna isn't the "fattest" sandwich per weight but don't think that because you're "just getting the tuna" means that you're being healthier than when you chose a Cheese Steak.

Does this mean that Subway sandwiches are unhealthy? No I don't think so. This is just a relative comparison between the various sandwiches they offer. I personally think Subway sandwiches are OK considering the low price they really are for plenty of food and a decent selection of vegetables.



I think you mis-spelled "phat", HTH :-)


it's the fattiest coz each mix has 500g of mayonaisse mixed through it, same as seafood


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