Not sure what people think of me but I get a lot of strange emails. Last week I got an email about a guy wanting me to teach him Kung fu via email correspondence. Today this arrived plus can see what my reply was:

Yeah, sure. Don't bother reading any documentation or books. Forget 
about installing it and playing with it because the only way you'll 
ever learn is by me explaining everything via email to you. Now, were 
do we start? Shall I maybe just take the rest of the day off and 
theorise about the kind of questions you might have?

On 4/18/05, [[name hidden]] <[[Email hidden]]> wrote:<br />
> Could you help me about ZOPE. <br />
>  ________________________________
> Yahoo! Mail Mobile
>  Take Yahoo! Mail with you! Check email on your mobile phone. 

Peter Bengtsson, 

Do you think I was too harsh on him/her? Or more interesting, do you think he/she understands my sarcasm?



I think that was pitched just write - very funny. You might have pointed out to him/her but if he or she couldn't even figure that out then it would probably not have done much good anyway.



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