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7250i Front Today I finally got the phone I wanted. The Nokia 7250i. My old Nokia 8210 has been broken for a while so I haven't been able to talk to people. Only to send messages.

7250i Back I decided to get a contract phone. So now I'm stuck with Orange for 12 months. However, in the insurance plan I bought into, there's an option to opt-out of the contract after 3 months completely free! I bet there's a catch to that that I have missed because otherwise I would be able to get a free phone and without be stuck to the contract for another 9 months.

My first impression with this phone is that it's clear and crisp. Got a lovely bright screen and easy to use keypad. Some of the buttons, like the 4-directional pointer, were too small for my big fingers. Hopefully I will grow into it and get better precision.

It's got a built-in camera but I don't have an infrared port on my computers to receive the images. Where can I buy an external infrared port or other USB simple device to connect the phone with my PC?

Another nuisance is that there is no predictive text in Swedish! Gahh!! Every second message I send is in Swedish. Does anybody out there know how I can get a Swedish dictionary onto the phone?

The number is the same as before. However, to make that transfer cost me £29.99!! Why? They should be happy that I don't use up another number and that I stay with Orange. Bad Orange!


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