Imagine if you, in your code, want to find out if Zope is running in debug mode or not, then how do you do that? Here's my take on it that I learned today:

from Globals import DevelopmentMode

class MyProduct(Folder):
   def save(self, file):
       if DevelopmentMode:
           print "Saving the file now"

The example doesn't do much justice because your product code should perhaps use its own "debug mode parameter" to get greater control.

I needed this because instead of using the Auto refresh feature inside the ZMI I have a script that periodically checks for changes and does a manual refresh. When you're not in debug mode, a change to a .dtml or .zpt requires a refresh whereas when you're in debug mode it doesn't need refreshing to see the changes.

I'll try to find some later later this month to write about and share my refresh script which is something that I now can't live work without when doing Zope development.


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