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Amazon.co.uk Top Reviewers Amazon.co.uk (and probably likewise with .com) publishes a list of the Top 1000 reviewers.

The number one reviewer is Jason Parkes. He's written 709 reviews. Some people have written even more, but look how lengthy all of Jason's review are

From a very quick look it looks like Jason's reviews are almost always 5 out of 5 stars. Maybe that has something to do with why he's at the top of the list.

Makes you think... How much time do these guys have on their hands?


Jason Parkes

Crazy website!- some points though:

(i) I've written more than 709 reviews now

(ii)All my reviews are within the specified word limit defined by Amazon UK- between a couple and a 1000 words. I loathe the idea that everything can be neatly defined in a few sentences- & I've had plenty of pleasant emails from people who liked my anally retentive detail

(iii) Didn't look very hard in your 'quick look'- there are plenty that have less than five stars, though I tend not to do as many negative reviews as I did about 10-12 months ago. Not everything is comparable, some items may be off the scale- still, I tend to be enthuasistic- look through & you'll see I've given plenty of other items 1,2,3 & 4 stars...so your criticism doesn't really hold up?

(iv) Someone who has a website like this & spends their time writing about people they don't know...how much time does a guy like that have on his hands??????


Ha ha! You're ok Jason. Keep up the good work.
Can I ask, why do you write so many reviews?


I was aimlessly digging through amazon this weekend when I stumbled upon this
guy. His reviews are hilarious...I can't decide if he is serious. Read the reviews... it's worth it for such gems as a
review of Pink Floyd that includes the following, "this is some crazy mind blowin stuff to listen too with your mind "altered."
Sid Viscious was a genious!" He also consistently refers to nelly furtado as
'furtaco' and has apparently met and worked with a great deal of those who has reviewed. he also thinks '10,000 maniacs' was a hardcore punk band. Just priceless.


Tim Popper

Jason Parkes is the greatest reviewer in the world!

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