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Pen Rance, who wrote the book Martial Arts that I mentioned about a month ago has now set up a kung fu club in Hertfordshire. It's called FWC Herts

If you live in the Herfordshire Watford area, I genuinely recommend that you give it a try if you want to get fit or you're already fit but bored with the local gym.


This club is now run by instructor Carlo Fernandes


Sayed Fareed

Dear Sir

we are Egyptian Sport Club Engaged in the Martial Art Sports
We are In the First Class in the Egyptian KUNG FU Leauge.

Our Senior Kung Fu Team is Participate in A Champion Ship which will be Held in South Africa in Winter

For This Reason we would Like to Arrange an Intensive Training Camp in First Cass Club in Sweden and it will be Our Plasure to Arrange this Camp in your Institute in the UK in the next August or Septembe 2007 for 10 days.

If you are ready to organize this Camp and interesting for that Please Confirm me
however should you inquire any further Assistance do not hesitate to contact me

Sayed Fareed

Matay Sport Club


do you teach martial arts in cairo.eg.if yes pls send me addresses and telephones pls

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