I don't shop from Ocado anymore but maybe I should start doing that again. The reason I only tried it once was that I wasn't able to find as many products on their website as I needed plus if you're not a big family it often doesn't make sense to buy too much fresh food in one go.

They're cleverly keeping me in check by sending sporadic emails very rarely about changes to their features and other bits and pieces. I'd call it "spam I don't mind" and I don't get annoyed when I get them because they're so rare. And here's one that arrived the other day which I actually appreciate a lot. Basically, they've gone out of their way to improve their image on the environment to send me another email. It's well phrased, humane, well layed-out and informative.

Ocado gets customer service right

Keep up the good work guys!


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Following unsatisfactory service (a significant amount of food with a BBE date of the delivery day) on both deliveries I tried from them, I tried to unsubscribe.
They won't honour my unsubscribe requests. A service I can't use & Spam I don't want.
Shame - Waitrose food is really nice!


due to the extensive operations and the way in which the orders are picked/ checked the comment above is unlikely case, I can comment i work at ocado and i have seen the checks etc carried out on the customers orders. (maybe SAD is a tescos employee????)

Peter Bengtsson

No honouring a unsubscription request is really bad customer service. Makes you loose confidence. Interesting note.


I'm not a tesco's employee! I wouldn't be praising Waitrose food if I was. I'm pleased you're a committed employee.
Some further info for you: Both times, wanting to ensure it didn't happen again rather than receive a refund (it cost me more in petrol to re-shop than the refund is worth), I went to the effort of scanning the packaging to prove the BBE dates and emailing them to Ocado. Last time I received refunds on some of the items and an explanation that the FSA has minimum requirements for shelf life which Ocado just met. However, the refunds are no compensation - it still meant I needed to go shopping again and the email just wound me up. I don't want any of my shopping to last a day when it would last several if I bought it at a supermarket.
If Ocado specified the minimum BBE date on the bread/milk while ordering it would allow me to shop there again (which I would happily do if I could rely on it saving me a journey).

Non employee

I use Ocado regularly and haven't yet had a BBE date any worse that I would find in my local Tesco.
I agree their range of foods used to be limited, but now I can get almost everything i want, there are still a few things I wish they did so I didn't have to ever leave the house.
Delivery is good too. Always within the time frame, and sometimes even before if I'm lucky.
Also 99.9% of the time when ordering you know they have the stuff in stock. Something Tesco who use local stores can't even tell (or maybe it's just I have a crap local Tesco).
That and now getting SMS reminders day before and just before delivery, because I have forgotten deliveries before especially when ordering a week in advance. Recycling plastic bags (as an aside I love the splitting between cupboard, fridge and freezer). Those slipper things for those with delicate floors (I personally haven't asked my driver to humiliate themselves with them!).

ps. I'm not an Ocado or Tesco or anyone of the other supermarket employees. I use all of them for different things, none of them satisfies me on their own!

ocado emplyee

Commenters and OP may be interested to know that we are trialling a new service to show the product life that you can expect to receive when ordering from Ocado. In addition to this we have focused heavily on improving our internal systems so that we are able to order fresher stock more regularly from suppliers. You may have received an email from us alerting you to this, if so then I encourage you to give it a try!

Peter Bengtsson

"to show the product life"?? What does that mean?

Non employee (from 28th June 2008)

on the receipt it shows when you need to use perishable goods by, ie if delivery is on a wednesday you will get 'use by saturday', 'sunday', 'monday' 'tuesday' and 'use by date over a week' therefore as in my last order you will see the use by date was at least 3 days and in this instant only 1 item was the rest were monday+. Great for planning meals ;)

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