Reciprocal lesson about gender perspectives

02 September 2011   0 comments   Wondering

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Picked this up on a food blog in one of the comments; a female commenter wrote:

"Guys went for me all the time in my late teens and early twenties. I’m no great beauty, but they did anyway. I was slender.
I did not remain slender. No one looks at me now.
I'm the same person."

Err! Wrong! You're not the same person! If we assume that this "slender" versus "not slender" is the differentiating factor and ignore age for now then with beauty changes the person.

It's such a common misconception sometimes heard from women that the personality is one factor of attraction and that external beauty is another. In the opposite, women do play down the external beauty factor more when considering men's total attraction value. Take heed women, your beauty factor matters more than men's. No news there. The mistake here is to think the opposite sex thinks like you do.

So what's the reciprocal lesson in this? For a man. Quite simply: don't think that women think like men. Or in plain English, just because you're a stud, don't think that you can be an ass.


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