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TfL Traffic cameras on a Google map Yesterday I found out that Transport for London lifted all restrictions for commercial use of its data that it has made available for developers.

In lack of better imagination I decided to attack the Live Traffic Cameras data and whipped up this little app: tflcameras.peterbe.com

It basically shows a map of London and then shows all the spots where traffic cameras are installed so that you can click on them. The data is updated every 3 hours I think but I haven't checked that claim yet. Use this if you're a London commuter and want to check the traffic before you hit the road.

Oh, and this app uses the geo location stuff so that I know where to zoom in first. But if you're not based in London it zooms in over Trafalgar square by default.


Peter Bengtsson

Here's another one like this:


Very nice. But if you open several pop-ups they start to obscure each other. Maybe fix it so that when you open one, it's popped to the top of the z-order stack? (I'm using the latest Chrome on Ubuntu)

Peter Bengtsson

Fair point. I haven't spent that much time on it and perhaps it should do that.

I'm currently trying to figure out what other cool things could be done with the data rather than perfecting this app.

Peter Bengtsson

Here's another such awesome app:

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