wkhtmltopdf and font size shrinkage

10 September 2010   0 comments   Web development

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wkhtmltopdf is by far the best tool available to make PDFs. Yes. I have tried ReportLab and PISA. ReportLab might be more powerful but what you gain in fine-grained control you lose in hours and hours of productivity.

Anyway, I've learned something about font-size shrinkage and using wkhtmltopdf. Basically, if use percentage to change a font size (Arial in this case) you get a PDF where the letters are unevenly spaced between. It took me a while to figure out what the hell was going on until I changed the font-size from 90% to exactly 11px.

font-size: 90% ('font-size:90%'; the spots of red are my highlights of the ugly spacings)

font-size: 11px ('font-size:11px'; not perfect but much better)

So, at first I thought this was the first time wkhtmltopdf has disappointed me but I guess I'll just have to remember not to use percentages and continue to favor wkhtmltopdf as my choice of weapon in the PDF production world.


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