A little while ago I wrote about how I got Jed + TAGS to work thanks the ntags library. I've been using it now for a while and I love it! I doubt there are any IDEs that beats a swift combination of Ctrl+2 followed by Alt+. and you get the definition of a function or variable without losing any focus.

If you're not into programming stop reading now because it's going to get even more technical.

In a lot of my work, the .sql files are automatically converted to class methods according to a config file which effectively converts

uid, name select * from names where ...

--foo.py-- class Something:


class Something:
   def selectfoo(self, uid, name):
       return _sqlquery("select * from ...."

Now, since the methods don't exist until you start the app, ctags will not be able to find these "SQL methods" which makes it a pain for me to dig out the right .sql file whilst programming. Fortuntely, writing to the ctags format was easier than I thought. Really all I had to do was to write a little python script and relink some executable scripts on my laptop. Now it works perfectly and exactly as I want it. Here's the code for the eager to copy :)


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