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24 May 2004   0 comments   Web development

Mind That Age!

This blog post is 13 years old! Most likely, it's content is outdated. Especially if it's technical.

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Jaguar cars website didn't work with my browser Suppose you want to find information about Jaguar cars dealerships here in the UK. First you go to the search page and then click on any of the dealerships own sites which all look the same and remain under the domain name. Now, suppose you've got the currently best web browser which of course is Mozilla (I use Mozilla Firefox); you will then be told to piss off!

"We have not been able to identify the browser you are currently using. This could be due to the browser either being too old or too new."

Later I realised that there was a little puny link at the bottom to carry on despite the warning. Did it work then? Of course it did.

When I saw the in-your-face sorry, I reluctantly started Internet Explorer but that crashed a little later when I clicked on used cars, with a message that I should restart windows.

Two conclusions: 1) Accept minor differences between browsers. The content is what matters, not the pixels. 2) Jaguar should reconsider their web development team for a better one.


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