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25 July 2006   1 comment   Python

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If you have some code that you need to optimise, like some Javascript code that is well commented but costs too many bytes of download for your users then you might want to use my slimmer web service. I'll let a Python example speak for itself:

>>> import xmlrpclib
>>> s=xmlrpclib.Server('')
>>> css='h1 { font-family: Arial, Verdana; }'
>>> s.slim(css)

Basically, on there's a XML-RPC web service called slim which takes two parameters: code and syntax. The second parameter accepts either css, js, html or xhtml and if you don't bother passing anything (like in the example above), the program will do a qualified guess. Here are some more examples:

>>> js='''function (variable1, variable2) {
...   if (variable1 == variable2) {
...     return true;
...   } else { 
...     return false; 
...   }
... }'''
>>> s.slim(js, 'js')
'function (_0,_1) {if(_0==_1){return true;}else{return false;}}'
>>> html='''<a href="a"  title=" test ">
...  <strong> TEST </strong> </a>
... <!-- some comment -->
... '''
>>> s.slim(html, 'html')
'<a href="a" title=" test "><strong> TEST </strong></a>'

If you think XML-RPC is too fancy, you can use HTTP POST instead. To test it create a form in HTML like this:

<form action="" method="post">
<textarea name="code"></textarea>
<input name="syntax" value="html">
<input type="submit">

And when you submit that form it'll return the code provided with all excess whitespace removed. Example here


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