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My near-future hope is to set up my own weblog where each new blog item is my write-up of notes from my math lectures. The purpose of this is twofold:

  • Study my notes from lectures
  • Learn more about web development with odd content/format

I then need to be able to write mathematical expressions in my HTML using TeX syntax and have the expressions converted to images. TeX (father of LaTeX (father of Itex)) looks like this:

\[ \sum_{n=1}^\infty \frac{1}{n} \text{ is divergent, 
but }  \lim_{n \to \infty} \sum_{i=1}^n \frac{1}{i}
- \ln n \text{ exists.}\]

You can hopefully see the results here

This needs to be converted then somehow. Now, what I've found is itex2MML which looks promising. There's no double-clickable installer get this up and running, but altogether this might help me learn more about Debian (what this server runs on).

I've so far had a look at latex2html but it doesn't work yet and there's a lot of management with imagefiles and the conversion is pretty slow. If I can't work it out with MathML, I'll give latex2html another bash.

Some links for this little project:


Jacques Distler

You might want to check out my more up-to-date version of itex2MML:


as well as how I've integrated it into MovableType.


Great! Thanks for that.
I actually wrote my own implementation but for tex2jpeg. Not at all happy with it because it took far too long to generate.

I gave up on itex2MML because I couldn't get the sources to compile (not very good with stuff like that) and my Firebird browser didn't support it. Now I use Firefox instead and it works nice.

Jacques Distler

I fixed a number of compilation problems with itex2MML, so you might want to try again. :-)

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