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tl;dr; Whatsdeployed.io is an impressively simple web app to help web developers and web ops people quickly see what GitHub commits have made it into your Dev, Stage or Prod environment. Today it got a facelift.

The code is now more than 5 years old and has served me well. It's weird to talk too positively about the app because I actually wrote it but because it's so simple in terms of design and effort it feels less personal to talk about it.

Here's what's in the facelift

  • Upgraded to Bootstrap 4.
  • Instead of relying on downloading a heavy Glyphicon web font, just to display a single checkmark, that's now a simple image.
  • Ability to use a GitHub developer personal token to avoid rate limitations on GitHub's API.
  • The first lookup to get all commits is now done via the Flask app to use my auth token to avoid the rate limit.
  • Much better error handling if any of the underlying requests.get() that the Flask app does, fails. Also includes which URL it failed on.
  • Basic validation to prevent submitting the main form without typing anything in.
  • You can hack on it with Docker. Thanks @willkg.
  • Improved the code that extracts Bugzilla bug numbers out of commit messages. Thanks @edmorely.
  • Refreshed screenshots in the README.md
  • A brand new introduction text on the home page for people who end up on the site not knowing what it is.
  • If any XHR errors happen figuring out the "culprits", you now get a pretty error describing this instead of swallowing it all.

Please let me know if there's anything broken or missing.


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