Tekken with Actual Humans

14 June 2006   2 comments   Kung Fu


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Tekken with Actual Humans For all people who like Tekken or martial arts, it's a must that you have a look at this clip which is a faked Tekken match with actual humans. They've just added the sound effects and the fake blood and added some other sounds.

Although I haven't played Tekken 3 much (or whatever the latest version is these days) I recognized a lot of the stuff from the original Tekken that I played.

The moves they do are alright, especially the final double-hitting kick. Generally most of the moves are quite clear and crisp. I like the way one guy wipes of blood from his face or mouth and that that is animated too.


how did u add the hepth point thing?
how did u add the health point thing?
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