What art is ...according to Don Van Vliet

07 September 2007   5 comments   Art

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What art is ...according to Don Van Vliet I finished a wonderful book about Don Van Vliet called "Captain Beefheart" by Mike Barnes and being a huge Beefheart fan this was a very interesting book. To be honest, I found out things about Don that I'm not sure I even wanted to know. I feel both sorry for and jealous of the musicians he worked with. The book is full of little mind bogging quotes by Don all worth a blog each but one that I did write down was this:

"[Don Van Vliet] told John Yau what painting was to him: 'Fulfilling the absence of space between the opposite meanings. I think that's essentially what I think. That came the other night. It cam blasting into my head. I quickly wrote it down. Yes, that's what painting is.'"

I've thought about it a bit too now and although I don't have to agree or disagree I think it's a very good answer.


Igor Clark
Didn't know you were a Beefheart fan Peter!
Peter Bengtsson
I am! A big one too. Are you?
Igor Clark
Yeah - you could say that. I even made a little tribute to him, you can hear it at http://www.igorclark.net/music/listen/192kbps/02-DoingWell-192kbps.mp3 if you like!
Peter Bengtsson
Tried downloading it and it's 666 bytes only.
Ah, probably because you're trying to save that link directly, rather than just click it, make the analytics hit & follow the redirect through to the mp3. You could download the mp3 directly from http://www.igorclark.net/music/192kbps/02-DoingWell-192kbps.mp3 if you were so inclined ;-)

Anyway - hope all's well!
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