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Orphaned Land - Jewish Muslim Metal Orphaned Land is a great metal band from Israel who I've known about for some time but never researched much.

"Israel's ORPHANED LAND is probably the only band from this country that has managed to succeed at building up a huge following among Muslims and Arabian people"

I've never taken the time to listen to their lyrics and figure out what they're singing about. It's not a surprise that they're not pro one side only but I didn't know that they appeal to both sides which is quite fantastic.


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Luis Nell

You should definitly take a look at the excellent documentary "Global Metal" by Sam Dunn (The dude from "Metal a headbanger's journey", and I think he also filmed the new docu about iron maiden..) - It gives a really really awesome overview about metal in different cultures..

Petar Maric

I'm sorry, but what does this have to do with Django (got here via the Django community feed)?

Peter Bengtsson

It's not. Something has gone wrong with the Django aggregator as it's not picking up the right categories of my blog. Haven't had time yet to help them correct that.

John C

Really good band - wish they would play some dates in the UK so I can go see them live :-)

Gustavo Narea

And this is related to Python because...


Actually there is going to be a show in London-
22.05.2010 UK, London, Underworld


Peter Bengtsson

Awesome! I'll put it in my calendar

Orphaned discipleS

Attention Peter: The London show has been rescheduled to the 27th of June, because Orphaned Land will not be supporting METALLICA for their show in Israel on May22nd.
Keep updated through www.Orphaned-discipleS.org

Orphaned discipleS

*I mean will NOW be supporting*

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