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Did you see my mentioning about addhrefs last week? addhrefs is a python module that turns a text full of URLs and email addresses into links. For example:

>>> from addhrefs import addhrefs
>>> print addhrefs("""Visit www.peterbe.com 
and email mail@peterbe.com""")
Visit <a href="https://www.peterbe.com">www.peterbe.com</a>
and email <a href="mailto:mail@peterbe.com">mail@peterbe.com</a>

Then I saw this instruction on google.com about Preventing comment spam They suggest you add a rel="nofollow" to links in your comments on your blog and with a bit of luck this will reduce the amount of comment spam you get on your blogs. So, how to do that?

All you need is some Python code and my addhrefs module installed. Since the 0.7 version you can pass it your own function that that turns urls into links. Let this example speak for itself:

>>> from addhrefs import addhrefs, __version__
>>> __version__
>>> def nofollower(url):
...     template = '<a href="%s" rel="nofollow">%s'
...     return template % (url, url)
>>> print addhrefs("Visit www.peterbe.com", 
Visit <a href="www.peterbe.com" rel="nofollow">www.peterbe.com

So now I hope Movable type, Worldpress and all those guys copy my code so I can get some credits for my work into this module :)



I see someting like this: <meta name="pagerank" content="7">
You can have a PR7?

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