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The Kryptonite NYFU This is a great article about the best bicycle locks that this guy can find. He buys a bunch of different cable locks, U-locks and chains. (Sometime U-locks are called D-locks but I think it's the same thing)

He then pursues to lock up his bike and then tries to break the lock with a set of different hand tools such as hacksaw, bolt cutters, crowbar etc. Every lock is judged by security, ease of use and value in price but security is a 20 point scale whereas ease of use and value is a 10 point scale.

I like this article because A) I can learn something about what lock to buy for my bike and B) it's nice to see when someone puts his efforts in to put together a nice little article like this.

Thank you Scott Elder for the review!



from your experience and expert opinion what would be the in your rating the best cable lock to accompany the Krypto"NYFU"?

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