Crosstips now has sparklines

29 April 2009   0 comments   Web development

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Crosstips now has sparklines My crossword solving website Crosstips now has a cute little chart in the lower right hand corner. It's a sparkline. The line indicates how many searches have been done in the current month. The screenshot was taken on the 28th of April so it's the searches done in April and it's near the right hand side which is the maximum.

These charts are made with Google Chart which is something I've never had the great opportunity to try before.

Making the chart was quite a pleasure actually. I had it up and running within minutes just my looking at some examples. The lib I used to make it happen was pygooglechart which was, despite its lack of documentation, really easy to use.

How useful this sparkline is to the people who try to get unstuck on their crosswords I really don't know but it sure looks cool.


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