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If you work in IT or a business that is related to IT, you should be aware that the European Parliament is making a pivotal decision next month on allowing or rejecting software patents. If they go for it, it will hinder all small IT companies and destroy the future of non-profit projects like my IssueTrackerProduct.

If you're not fully clued up on the topic and don't know what to think: read this article

Richard Stallman is a world-known IT "guru" who knows what he's talking about in the field of software development, unlike the decision makers in Brussels who might be very clever people just don't have enough understanding on the subject. After all, they don't work with these kind of things every day for the past 10-30 years like Stallman and others. We must remember that the decision makers in Brussels get the background-information-material from various angles and one of those angles is that of huge software coorporations who have cash to sue and step on little peoples toes such as Microsoft, Intel, SAP, amongst others.

By having read this article you will at least raise your own awareness of this critical situation and maybe next time you chitchat with someone at a party you'll be able to raise some awareness for justice for the little guy. Good luck!


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