A user-friendly TinyMCE config When you enable TinyMCE you can either choose theme="simple" or theme="advanced". If you go for the simple you get one lovely little bar of buttons but it's missing the link button which is more important than most other buttons altogether. When you enable "advanced" you get three rows of buttons that makes you dizzy. I mean, should really be editing advanced tables in a WYSIWYG editor or mathematical equations?

Here's a config that I think works great. It's all in one row and it's got the bare minimum in terms of additional plugins (no extra downloads required). It's in Python but translates quite easily into Javascript:

   'plugins': "fullscreen,paste,autoresize",
   'theme': "advanced",
   'theme_advanced_buttons1' : "bold,italic,strikethrough,bullist,numlist,"\
   'theme_advanced_buttons2' : "",
   'theme_advanced_buttons3' : "",


Richard Knop

Thanks. This was pretty useful, I was trying to do something similar to this but I was forgetting to set theme_advanced_buttons2 and theme_advanced_buttons3 to "" and there were additional buttons showing.


Can anyone explain how to use ztinymce to convert the zope ZMI edit forms to something more user friendly? I'm a bit stuck at the moment as to wether this can be achieved at all.

Thanks, Uwe


Thanks - after a fair bit of googling this was the best answer I found.

Alex Luton

Great Thanks. Helped me with a django app. A really nice, concise set of options

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