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Best youtube.com clip of the year? This has to be one of the best youtube.com clip of the year. It's funny, scary and just outright amazing.

"What currency do they have in the United Kingdom" the report asks.
"I don know. American money?" answers the Texan man.

Sure, there are a lot of people in USA and not all of them are rednecks but those that are scare me more than insurgents in the middle east.

The scariest part of this clip is towards the end when they ask people if the support president Bush on Kyrgyzstan being a threat and whether the United States should invade it.

Disclaimer: I know a lot of Americans and they're lovely people. I do understand that this clip selects only few exceptional cases but that doesn't make the clip any less fun


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Matthew Schinckel

This is a segment from the very funny Australian guys called "The Chaser", they are a well known political satire group, who have had several shows on our Public Broadcaster.

Glad they made you smile.

Peter Bengtsson

Do they also give out a magazine/booklet? I think my aussie flatmate brought one home with him once. It was sooo funny!

Matthew Schinckel

Yeah, there have been a couple of Chaser booklets.

You can also go to their website: http://www.thechaser.com.au - it's got tonnes of funny stuff. Half of the time when I come across stories in the RSS feed, I don't realise until I've read a bit further that it's satire...


The chaser actually started as a satire newspaper, before publishing annual editions and then moving to television, you don't sound terribly smart Matthew Schinckel and you shouls get your facts straight by actually going to the website.

Matthew Schinckel

Hello? I do visit their website occasionally, and I think if you read my comment carefully, you'll find that I haven't actually said anything incorrect. I never stated that the TV programs (including the Chaser Dec1des, and CNNNN) predated the magazine/books.

And what's a shouls?

Jerk. And gutless too, for not using a real name.

Zoe Tulip

There are also plenty of clips from the first series of a later show they are about to start the second series of called "The Chaser's War On Everything" on both YouTube, and the show's website:


They return on the ABC in late March in Australia, and you can download each show every week.

Definitely has my tick of approval...

jack shitara

i want to clip joe satriani
please give me ??????

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