The importance of checking in Firefox I can appreciate that sometimes some browsers just don't work very well with the latest Flash animations but then you make a backup HTML version which should have some information or at least one of those annoying messages that says "Sorry, please upgrade to Internet Explorer 4.5 to play this intro". What I don't appreciate is when web developers can't even get anything to work at all in Firefox.

On my site, 44% of my visitors are Firefox users but it's slightly skewed because it's quite a techy site. In general, out there on the internet a rough guess is about 15-30% are Firefox. Out of them I don't know how many are Firefox 3 on OS X but I'm sure it amounts to a large number. This is basically what Stride - The Ridiculously Long Lasting Gum is missing out on. D'oh!

When I try to view their site I just get a big fat grey screen with nothing. I'm sure they've spent many tens of thousands of US dollars or more on this web team and yet they get the very basics wrong. Why??



Data point: I'm seeing over 15% Firefox usage on a suite of heavily-trafficked, /very/ non-technical sites.


I can see the site using Firefox 2/Ubuntu...

The China perspective - some of the most popular Chinese language websites (QQ's Qzones for example) can't be run using Firefox...maybe not many chinese Firefox users? Or lazy designing?

Peter Bengtsson

Lazy designing! Mozilla is big in China too I read somewhere.

Cliff Wells

Hm, must be a Firefox/Flash on Mac issue... works fine with FF3 on Fedora.

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